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JailBreak 7
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Jail Break 7


The following convars can be put in your ./cfg/server.cfg file. It is recommended to not put convars in your config file unless you know exactly what the effect is the convar is. Invalid values may break the gamemode.

Convar Effect
jb_config_debug 1/0 Debug mode, you might want to set this to 0 to reduce annoying console messages
jb_config_font Roboto The gamemode's font. I disrecommend changing this; may cause everything to go weird!
jb_config_website The URL of your website. This URL will be displayed as a form of advertising your site.
jb_config_jointime 20 [minimum: 10] (seconds) period when the map just loaded and people are given a chance to join.
jb_config_setuptime 60 [minimum: 10] (seconds) period at the start of the round when guards may claim warden.
jb_config_guards_allowed 30 [minimum: 1] Percentage of players allowed to be guard
jb_config_guards_playtime 120 (minutes) playtime required to be guard (admins bypass this)
jb_config_rebel_sensitivity 0-2 2 = prisoner becomes rebel on killing a guard, 1 = prisoner becomes rebel on damaging a guard, 0 = prisoner never becomes rebel.
jb_config_prisoners_namechange 1/0 1 = use fake names for prisoners (ex. Prisoner 192346), 0 = use normal nicknames for prisoners
jb_config_warden_control_enabled 1/0 Toggles whether warden control should be enabled or not. (recommended: always 1);
jb_config_prisoner_special_chance 8 Chance a prisoner will get a random weapon. Chance = random(1,var)==1;
jb_config_max_warden_rounds 3 Maximum amount of rounds a player can be warden in a row.
jb_config_knives_are_concealed 1 Conceal knives - they won't draw on the player's tigh if this is set to 1.
jb_config_rounds_per_map 10 Rounds until mapvote - ONLY SET THIS IF YOU HAVE A MAPVOTE SYSTEM ON YOUR SERVER/COMMUNITY
jb_config_notify_lastguard 1/0 Send the "last guard kills all" notification


Last requests

This is how last requests are added. LR files have to put put in the lastrequests folder.

	-- Initialize a new LR class
	local LR = JB.CLASS_LR();

	-- Give it a name and description
	LR:SetName("Knife Battle");
	LR:SetDescription("The guard and the prisoner both get a knife, all other weapons are stripped, and they must fight eachother until one of the two dies");

	-- Give it an Icon for in the LR-menu

	-- Setup what happens after somebody picks this Last Request
		for _,ply in ipairs{prisoner,guard} do

	-- Tell JailBreak that this LR is ready for use.


These are all custom hooks called by the gamemode. Format: hookname ( arguments[, optional argument] )

-- JailBreakRoundStart
-- Called when the round starts
JailBreakRoundStart ( rounds_passed )

-- JailBreakRoundEnd 
-- Called when the round ends
JailBreakRoundEnd ( rounds_passed )

-- JailBreakPlayerSwitchTeam
-- Called on team switch
JailBreakPlayerSwitchTeam ( player, team )

-- JailBreakStartMapvote
-- Called when a mapvote should be started.
-- return true: Use custom mapvote system, return false: Use default system (normally; no mapvote).
JailBreakStartMapvote ( rounds_passed, extentions_passed ) 

-- JailBreakClaimWarden
-- Called when somebody claims warden
JailBreakClaimWarden ( player, warden_rounds_in_a_row )

-- JailBreakWardenControlChanged
-- Called when a warden control is changed
JailBreakWardenControlChanged	( player, option, value )

-- JailBreakWardenSpawnProp
-- Called when the warden spawns a prop
JailBreakWardenSpawnProp ( player, type[, model] )

-- JailBreakWardenPlacePointer
-- Called when a pointer is placed
JailBreakWardenPlacePointer ( player, type, position )

Implement a hook using the hook.Add function, example:

	if rounds_passed > 5 then
		print "We are past round 5. Let's kill everyone!";
		for _,ply in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do
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