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All Features

Added in Version 1.8

  • SpotMenu now supports iTunes 🎉
  • About page added to preferences. Please donate 🙏
  • Option added to hide title and artist when music player is paused
  • "Quit" renamed to "Quit SpotMenu" to stay consistent with MacOS
  • Today Extension (a.k.a. Notification Center Widget) now has rounded edges
  • Minimum required version of MacOS is now 10.11 👎
  • Russian translation added (credits: @BatyaMedic)
  • Spanish tranlsation added (credits: @Lynx901)

Added in Version 1.7

  • New layout
  • Option added in preferences to turn off now playing keyboard shortcut toast
  • Source code updated to Swift 4
  • Portuguese translation added (credits: @clinis)
  • Brazilian portuguese translation added (credits: @maurojuniorr)
  • Catalan translation added (credits: @bcubic)

Added in Version 1.6

  • Automatic updates added
  • German translation added (credits: @fabi94music)
  • Dutch translation added (credits: @rebdeb)

Added in Version 1.5

  • Toast: control + command + m
  • Today Extension today
  • Preferences bugfix
    • Preferences window now opens in front of other apps

Added in Version 1.4.2

  • Customization
    • Open at login

Added in Version 1.4.1

  • Customization
    • Fix popover to the right

Added in Version 1.4

  • Customization
    • Show/hide Artist
    • Show/hide Title
    • Show/hide SpotMenu icon
    • Show/hide Playing symbol

Added in Version 1.3

  • New layout (with the help of @maurojuniorr)
  • Open Spotify UI from SpotMenu
  • Exit button moved to right click menu on menubar (credits: @Triloworld)
  • Issues added to right click (credits: @Triloworld)
  • Created a seperate pod for controlling Spotify on a mac. You can find the library here
  • Display album artist instead of current track artist

Added in Version 1.2

  • Scrollbar now updates its position more frequently
  • Current track position is shown in text also (minutes:seconds)
  • The ability to toggle between the duration of the current track and the time remaining

Added in Version 1.1

  • Added play/pause functionality
  • Added a scrollbar to jump to a position of the currently playing song
  • The menu bar now shows an icon if music is playing

Added in Version 1.0

  • Show playing music in menubar
  • Popover to show album artwork
  • Skip to next/previous song