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''' - A simple VamPy plugin that doesn't
really do anything.
This is a really dumb plugin which returns the sum of the
magnitude spectrum of each processing block.
You need to have Python installed, the Vampy plugin wrapper
and a Vamp plugin host such as Sonic Visualiser to run this.
You can get them for (almost) any operating system at:
Sonic Visualiser:
1) Output = sum(magnitudeSpectrum)
Created by Gyorgy Fazekas, QMUL.
from numpy import *
from vampy import *
#this has to be the same as the script name
class VamPyTemplate:
def __init__(self,inputSampleRate):
# meaning of flags: we use Numpy arrays to pass the audio
# samples to the process() function, debug mode, use time stamps
self.vampy_flags = vf_DEBUG | vf_ARRAY | vf_REALTIME
self.m_inputSampleRate = inputSampleRate
self.m_stepSize = 0
self.m_blockSize = 0
self.m_channels = 0
self.threshold = 0.05
return None
def initialise(self,channels,stepSize,blockSize):
self.m_channels = channels
self.m_stepSize = stepSize
self.m_blockSize = blockSize
return True
def reset(self):
# reset initial conditions (if any)
return None
def getMaker(self):
return 'Enter your name here'
def getName(self):
return 'Enter the name of the plugin'
def getIdentifier(self):
return 'vampy-unique-ID'
def getDescription(self):
return 'Enter a short description of the plugin'
def getMaxChannelCount(self):
return 1
def getInputDomain(self):
# use TimeDomain or FrequencyDomain
return FrequencyDomain
def getOutputDescriptors(self):
# describe what the plugin's output will be like
Generic = OutputDescriptor()
Generic.identifier = 'vampy-unique-outputID' = 'Output Name'
Generic.description ='Short output description'
# below: the output is a curve or more like a matrix ?
Generic.sampleType = OneSamplePerStep
Generic.unit = ''
return OutputList(Generic)
def getParameterDescriptors(self):
# describe any parameters your algorithm is using
threshold = ParameterDescriptor()
threshold.identifier='threshold''Energy threshold'
threshold.description='Energy threshold'
return ParameterList(threshold)
def setParameter(self,paramid,newval):
if paramid == 'threshold' :
self.threshold = newval
def getParameter(self,paramid):
if paramid == 'threshold' :
return self.threshold
return 0.0
def process(self,inputbuffers,timestamp):
# this is where we compute the features
length = self.m_blockSize * 0.5 + 1
sampleRate = self.m_inputSampleRate
complexSpectrum = inputbuffers[0]
magnitudeSpectrum = abs(complexSpectrum) / length
# return features in a FeatureSet()
output_featureSet = FeatureSet()
tpower = sum(magnitudeSpectrum)
if tpower > self.threshold :
output_featureSet[0] = Feature(tpower)
else :
output_featureSet[0] = Feature(0)
return output_featureSet