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import os
import re
import sqlite3
from collections import OrderedDict
from utils import substring
file_ommiters = [".pyc",".png",".svg",".gif",".jpg",".tmp",".ico",""]
dir_ommiters = [".git"]
table_names= {".py":"PYTHON"}
db_queries = {"get_column_names":"PRAGMA table_info(%s)",
"insert_column":"ALTER TABLE PYTHON ADD %s int default 0",
"insert_repo":"INSERT INTO %s %s VALUES %s"}
def get_connection():
connection = sqlite3.connect("data.db")
def closest_framework(results, ext, framework=None):
connection = sqlite3.connect("data.db")
cursor = connection.cursor()
#inspect and insert new columns if is neccesary
columns = cursor.execute(db_queries["get_column_names"] % table_names[ext])
columns = [x[1] for x in columns.fetchall()]
for r, v in results.items():
if ("ct_"+r) not in columns:
cursor.execute(db_queries["insert_column"] % ("ct_"+r))
if not framework:
#search the neighbor
results["v_c"] = 1
#insert the results
results["fw_c"] = framework
names = str(tuple(["ct_"+x for x in results.keys()]))
values = str(tuple(results.values()))
cursor.execute(db_queries["insert_repo"] % (table_names[ext],names,values))
return framework
def get_structure(path):
>>> get_structure("test/")
['test/a/a/x', 'test/a/a/y', 'test/a/a/z', 'test/a/x', 'test/a/y', 'test/a/z', 'test/x', 'test/y', 'test/z']
path = os.path.dirname(path+os.sep)
structure = []
for item in os.listdir(path):
abs_path = os.path.join(path,item)
name, ext = os.path.splitext(abs_path.lower())
if os.path.isdir(abs_path):
if item not in dir_ommiters:
structure += get_structure(abs_path)
if ext not in file_ommiters:
return structure
def get_python_analysis(structure, deepest=0):
q="(^from %s import %s$|^import %s$)+" % (s,s,s)
results = []
for data in structure:
if data.endswith(".py"):
f = open(data, 'r')
results += re.findall(q,, re.M)
libs = {}
for result in results:
temps = []
if result.startswith("import"):
temps = result.replace("import ", "").replace(" ","").split(",")
elif result.startswith("from"):
result = result.replace("from ","")
package, imports = result.split(" import ")
package = package.strip()
imports = imports.replace(" ","").split(",")
for imp in imports:
for tmp in temps:
if deepest > -1:
tmp = substring(tmp, ".",deepest)
if tmp in libs:
libs[tmp] += 1
libs[tmp] = 1
if "" in libs:
return libs
def get_javascript_analysis(structure, deepest=0):
q = "require\([a-zA-Z0-9\-._\"'/]+\)"
results = []
for data in structure:
if data.endswith(".js"):
f = open(data, 'r')
results += re.findall(q,, re.M)
libs = {}
q = "\".*\"|'.*'"
p = "[\d\w\-]+$"
for result in results:
result = re.findall(q, result)
if len(result) == 0:
result = result[0]
result = result.replace("'","").replace('"','').replace(".js","")
result = re.findall(p,result)
if len(result) == 0:
result = result[0]
if result in libs:
libs[result] += 1
libs[result] = 1
return libs
def get_ruby_analysis(structure):
return structure
def get_framework(path, deepest=0, framework=None, save=True):
""" get_framework
recieves a filesystem path of a project repository and
classify into a framework project type.
path is the filesystem directory
deepest is how many detail will have the library analysis
by default the program takes the full detail. zero is only
for the library name.
framework is the name of the framework used in the project
use this only for training proposes
language = []
ext = ""
structure = get_structure(path)
size = 0
for x in structure:
name, ext = os.path.splitext(x)
if ext not in language:
result = None
frameworks = []
for ext in reversed(language):
if ext == ".py":
result = get_python_analysis(structure, deepest=0)
if save:
framework = closest_framework(result, ext, framework=framework.lower())
elif ext == ".rb":
result = get_ruby_analysis(structure)
elif ext == ".js":
result = get_javascript_analysis(structure)
result = language
return frameworks
if __name__ == "__main__":
import doctest