🌘 The Dynamic_Walls scripts replicating macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpaper feature combined into an app
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Uses the Dynamic_Walls script and bundles it all up into a neat and friendly app

Replicates macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpapers feature, also sets system theme to dark/light accordingly

Uses Sunrise-Sunset api to get the sunrise and sunset times of current location retrieved by the LocateMe command line tool

LocateMe is a Public Domain command-line tool that lets you find your location (latitude, longitude, etc) using Apple's geolocation services.

A plist is created, placed in the appropriate place and loaded to ensure that the wallpaper is kept updated


Allows you to use custom images from any folder placed in any directory

Gives you the option to use a dynamic system theme or just use a single light or dark theme all the time

Cuts the API calls to just 2 per day

Limitation : There is no proper way to support multiple spaces yet it seems

Set Up

Please disable change wallpaper every X minutes in the desktop system preferences for this to work correctly :)

  1. Download the latest release and place the app in an appropriate location, preferably in the applications folder but you can leave it in the Downloads folder for it to be stealthy-not visible

  2. Right click and open the app (Double click won't work the first time becasue Gatekeeper) and select an images folder (See image folder format), here are the default mojave wallpapers as JPEG (~45MB), you can get the uncompressed PNG's here (~205MB)


Deleting the app normally would technically disable it too but a better way would be to go to the terminal and type

launchctl unload -w ~/Library/LaunchAgents/Dynamic_walls.Scheduler.plist

if you use a third party uninstalling app on your mac that should take care of it automatically too

Image Folder Format

Folder needs to have 16 images

All with the same name and name ending with a 3 digit number

Eg : mojave_dynamic - 001.png, mojave_dynamic - 002.png, mojave_dynamic - 003.png...

Images Format

  • 001 corresponds to dawn
  • 002 actual sunrise
  • 003
  • 004
  • 005
  • 006
  • 007 Noon
  • 008
  • 009
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012 Sunset
  • 013 Dusk
  • 014 Nightfall
  • 015
  • 016