A python script to spam a google form
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Google Form Spammer

    As of 13/12/16 this script no longer works. Google changed the type of each 
    form control to "HiddenControl". Earlier on it was something like "text",
    "select", "radio" etc. Because of this it is impossible to identify what kind
    a form control is, so filling it is not so trivial (it could be anything such as
    text/date/select etc.).

A python script that spams a google form as many times as you want.

Instructions for setup

  • Clone the project

      git clone https://github.com/kush789/Google-form-spammer.git google_form_spammer
      cd google_form_spammer
  • Install the project's runtime requirements

      pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run the script with arguments

      python spammer.py 'url' (in quotes) times

    url : URL of the google form
    times : number of times you want to spam the form

That was it, happy spamming!


  • What can it spam ? (1)

    • Single page Google forms
    • The following controls :
      • text
      • textarea
      • select
      • radio
      • checkbox
  • What can it not spam?

    • Multi page forms
    • Forms that require login (Duh!)
    • A google form which has stuff not mentioned in (1)


Please report any bugs or requests that you have using the GitHub issue tracker!


                           Licensed under WTFPL
               Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License

               Author is nor liable for misuse; Use carefully!

        2015 (C) Kushagra Singh | kushagra14056 [at thingy] iiitd.ac.in