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landfill/recycling/compost classifier [Best Environmental Hack@EarthxHack18]

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Won Best Environmental Hack at EarthxHack 2018

All code developed at EarthxHack 2018 24 hour hackathon. Co-developed by @stephenhales

Ever been confused when confronted with these bins?

Landfill, Compost, Recycling bins

  • 9.1 billion tons of recyclable plastic is produced worldwide every year
  • 79% of plastic produced will ultimately reside in a landfill
  • Only 9% of plastic is recycled

The Solution: A garbage classification application and website powered by image recognition through machine learning and neural networks.

0waste in action

How 0waste works

  • Open the 0waste web app
  • Take a picture of a piece of garbage
  • Get garbage classification and use the correct bin to save the planet!

Stage 1: ✅ Garbage classification through image recognition app

This serves as both a proof of concept, and assists users to correctly recycle/compost trash that usually goes to the landfill.

Stage 2: Build a garbage can with automatic landfill, compost, and recycling sorting

This eliminates the burden on the user to pick the correct bin and guarantees sorted garbage.

Stage 3: Partner with trash collection facilities to build an automated sorting machine

This further eliminates the burden on the user to have sorted garbage.




landfill/recycling/compost classifier [Best Environmental Hack@EarthxHack18]






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