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Repository files navigation -- Just another static blog and portfolio website built on VueJS and hosted on GitHub pages.


  • Dev server with hot-reloading

  • Markdown blog posts

  • SEO Features

    • Sitemap generation
    • Prerendered html, static files so you can view the site without JS, crawlable by search bots
    • Rich Opengraph for all pages

Built With

  • VueJS - Web Framework
  • npm - Dependency Management
  • webpack - Build/Bundle Tool

Getting Started

You will need npm installed.

command description
npm install restore dependencies
npm start Starts a http server on 8080 with hot-reloading
npm run dev-build Compile to dist w/o prerendering
npm run prd-build Compile to dist with prerendering
npm run run-prd-build Compile to dist with prerendering and runs a python 3 webserver
npm run lint Runs (eslint/prettier) linting against all .vue/.js files not in build/*
npm run lint -- --fix Auto fix linting errors
npm run lighthouse Runs Google Lighthouse on all the paths in /build/paths.js (you may need to set CHROME_PATH, e.g, export CHROME_PATH=/usr/bin/google-chrome)


command description
docker build -t kushame . && docker run -it kushame Build & Run a prerendered site on 8080


branch description
dev on-going development
rc source code for current site
master current (live) compiled site


Source code in this repository is licensed under GPLv3 except for all content material from the /src/content/* directory or any subdirectories, or anywhere that content material appears after compilation.

Copyright (c) 2023 Kusha Gharahi <>


Check out v1 built with AngularJs(1.0) and Typescript(2.0)