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Source code for, my static blog and portfolio website built on VueJS and hosted on GitHub pages.

Getting Started

branch description
dev on-going development.
master current compiled site
rc source code for current master branch

You will need npm installed.

command OS description
npm install win/unix restore dependencies
npm run unix-start-dev-server unix Starts a http server on 8080 with hot-reloading
npm run win-start-dev-server win ""
npm run unix-dev-build unix Compile to dist w/o prerendering and JS Obfuscation
npm run win-dev-build win ""
npm run unix-prod-build unix Compile to dist with prerendering and JS Obfuscation
npm run win-prod-build win ""
npm run unix-deploy-prod unix See deployment section
npm run win-deploy-prod win ""


npm run unix-deploy-prod/win-deploy-prod commands will build prod (prerender, minify, uglify, etc), clone the remote/master git history into dist/.git, then commit the dist contents to master. master branch is deployed to GitHub Pages.

tl;dr use npm run unix-deploy-prod/win-deploy-prod commands to push "revisions" of the compiled site onto another branch (master).

Built With

  • VueJS - Web Framework
  • npm - Dependency Management
  • webpack - Build/Bundle Tool


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for more details


Check out v1 built with AngularJs(1.0) and Typescript(2.0)