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Folks who worked at Google may miss snippets at their current
employers. Help is at hand.

Every week, the system emails out a reminder email. Users can reply to
it with what they did that week. Users can follow other users via the
web, as well as following tags, and assigning tags to themselves. All
content matching the tags they follow will be mailed to them in a
digest every Monday afternoon. In addition, archives for each user and
the most recent data for each tag are visible on the web.

It was hard to make this totally portable. You'll probably want to
fork and change the application name and hardcoded email addresses,
creating your own application on app engine with authentication
restricted to your custom domain. I would love patches to core
functionality, though.

Little attention has been paid to making this particularly scalable,
but it should work for any small or medium company.

NOTE: If you're looking for a hosted service you don't have to manage,
check out .
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