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How to test manually

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Where to look for images?

You can visit the Autocloud jobs page which contains links to all Cloud image build from koji.

How to debug/test an image?

First find a failed job from the above mentioned page, or you can randomly take an image from the list of jobs there, click on the left most number in the row (which is the koji build id), this will open the koji build page in another tab.

You will find the images in the results part. Now if you are testing a cloud image, you can download the qcow2 image (or say you upload it to an Openstack cloud). If you are going to test a Vagrant image, feel free to download the corresponding Vagrant image from the koji page (you can use vagrant in a remote server too). Remember that we create Vagrant images for both libvirt and Virtualbox, so please choose the image carefully based on your setup.

Find where did it fail on Autocloud? (debugging)

If you click on the output link for any job, it will open the output of the given job. Now for a failed job, first check if you can see any failed Python 3 unittest case. If you can find one, you can open up the test manually (they are available in this git repo), and then execute the same commands manually in an instance, if required feel free to submit a Pull Request to the tests.

If you do not see any direct test failure, the look for the output lines just above the following line

Job status: False

There you may find that there is a SSH exception, or connection refused etc. This means after following the commands in the sequence they ran, the instance failed on the SSH connection in the next command.

Official Fedora tests from QA team

This link contains the official tests from the Fedora QA team, if you are running them, feel free to update the wiki (after you login) with the results.

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