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Platform for Calcium Imaging analysis
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Snap Status Maintainability License: GPL v3

Get it from the Snap Store


Mesmerize is a platform for the annotation and analysis of neuronal calcium imaging data. Mesmerize attempts to encompasses the entire process of calcium imaging analysis from raw data to semi-final publication figures that are interactive, and keep track of the analysis so that it can be recapitulated. It is applicable for a broad range of experiments and is intended to be used by users with and without a programming background.


Documentation is available here:


Mesmerize is currently available only on Linux, it will soon be available for Mac OSX.


The easiest way to get Mesmerize is through the Snap store .

After installation simply run mesmerize in the terminal and the application will launch in ~10-30 seconds.

Command line snap installation:

sudo snap install mesmerize

Make sure you have snapd installed, which is required for running snap apps. If you are on Ubuntu 16.04 or later snapd should be pre-installed.

You should be able to install snapd through apt for most Debian based distros

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

Installing snapd on Fedora

sudo dnf install snapd

To install snapd on other distros please see:

The snap has been tested to work on Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 9 (Stretch) and Fedora 29.

Mesmerize is experimental and we are working on increasing test coverage, however it has already been used extensively in our lab and is under active development.


Virtual Environment

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