My dotfiles: Experimental, ongoing configuration files, development environment and scripts for various Unix-like systems, text-based command-line applications and interfaces.
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kutsan's dotfiles



  • zsh - Highly customizable interactive login shell and command interpreter for shell scripting
  • neovim - The fork of ubiquitous text editor focused on extensibility and usability
    • iceberg - Dark blue color scheme
    • ale - Asynchronous lint engine for Neovim and Vim 8+
    • colorizer - Highlight HEX and RGB color codes and names in their background
    • devicons - Adds additional file type glyphs to popular plugins
    • editorconfig - EditorConfig integration
    • emmet - Emmet integration
    • gina - Asynchronously Git client
    • fzf - Fuzzy finder fzf as plugin
    • neosnippet - Snippet engine
    • nerdtree - File explorer
    • nvim-completion-manager - Asynchronous auto-completion framework for Neovim
    • polyglot - Big collection of language packs as scripts are loaded only on demand
    • signify - Show Git diff in the sign column
    • undotree - Visualize undo tree
  • emacs - The operation-system-like text editor
    • use-package - Package declaration manager
    • evil - Extendable Vi layer and emulation
    • evil-leader - Vim's <leader> key for Evil mode
    • helm - Incremental and narrowing completion framework
    • rainbow-delimiters - Extra rainbow colors for parentheses, brackets or braces
  • git - Version control system for tracking changes in files and coordinating the work
  • tmux - Terminal multiplexer enables working with split panes, tabs and detachable sessions
  • nodejs - JavaScript runtime environment for developing a diverse variety of applications
    • npm - Node Package Manager mainly for the JavaScript programming language
      • eslint - AST-based JavaScript linter for identifying and reporting on patterns
      • prettier - Opinionated code formatter
      • browser-sync - Improve web workflow with auto-reload, interaction sync and more
      • neovim-node-client - Neovim Node support for plugins
      • trash-cli - Move files and folders to the trash
      • node-notifier-cli - Send cross-platform native notifications
      • authcli - Two-factor authentication token manager
      • clipboard-cli - Cross-platform clipboard wrapper
      • fx - TUI JSON viewer
  • python - High-level programming language for general-purpose programming
    • pip - Python package manager to install and manage packages written in Python
      • ranger - Text-based file system manager for the console with Vim-like key bindings
        • exiftool - Read, write and edit meta information in a wide variety of media files
        • atool - Manage, list, create, diff and extract file archives of various types
      • asciinema - Record and share terminal sessions as text-based colored format
      • vint - Extensible, high performance Vimscript linter and analysis tool
      • neovim-python-client - Neovim Python support for plugins
      • stig - TUI and CLI interface for transmission-daemon
      • terminal-colors - Test utility for color capabilities of terminal
      • grip - Preview Markdown files in local server
      • trackma - Multi-site anime, manga list manager
      • flexget - Multipurpose automation tool for all of media.
        • transmissionrpc - Python module implementing the json-rpc client protocol for transmission
  • coreutils - GNU core utilities for basic file, shell and text manipulation
  • findutils - GNU basic directory searching utilities that provides find, locate and xargs
  • less - Standard file pager for Unix-like systems
  • curl - Tool for transferring data using various protocols
  • wget - Tool for retrieving files using the most widely-used Internet protocols
  • gnupg - Hybrid-encryption software suit, free implementation of the OpenPGP standard
  • nmap - Network security scanner and mapper for exploration and security auditing
  • openssl - Toolkit for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols
  • openssh - Connectivity tool for remote login with the SSH protocol
  • openvpn - Virtual private networks for creating OpenSSL powered secure connections
  • rsync - Utility that provides fast incremental file transfer
  • docker - Container engine that provides abstraction and automation of virtualization
  • fzf - General-purpose fuzzy finder that can be used among other Unix tools
  • htop - Interactive text-based system monitor, process viewer and process manager
  • newsboat - RSS/Atom feed reader
  • neomutt - Fork of the mail user agent mutt with new features and patches
    • msmtp - SMTP agent for sending e-mails through mail user agents or terminal
  • taskwarrior - Text-based time, task and project management tool
  • ncdu - Disk usage analyzer for quickly finding big files with ncurses interface
  • ripgrep - Line oriented search tool similar to grep that combines the usability of ag
  • ffmpeg - Cross-platform solution to handle, record, convert and stream audio and video
  • transmission-cli - BitTorrent client and daemon with web UI for remote controlling
  • editorconfig - Define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors
  • dfc - Report file system space usage information with colored graphs
  • hub - Extra features for Git that makes working with GitHub easier
  • syncthing - Continuous file synchronization utility
  • tidy-html5 - HTML linter with support for modern web standards
  • par - Paragraph reformatter and aligner for e-mails and plain text
  • bind - Domain Name System tools
  • sdcv - StarDict command-line version, offline directories
  • gcal - Calculate and print calendars
  • fasd - Track your most used directories, based on frequency for quick access later
  • bat - A cat clone with additional features like git integration and syntax highlighting


  • kitty - Cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
  • Emacs - GUI version of Emacs the operation-system-like text editor
  • mpv - Minimalist video player based on MPlayer
  • Telegram - Cloud-based instant messaging service
  • Adobe Photoshop - Graphic editor
  • Adobe XD - User interface and user experience design editor
  • Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheet editor