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Port of MigLayout to ActionScript, a superbly versatile Flash/Flex/FlashCocoa (SWT/Swing/JavaFX) layout manager that makes layout problems trivial. It is using String or API type-checked constraints to format the layout. MigLayout can produce flowing, grid based, absolute (with links), grouped and docking layouts.
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Original license (java): BSD. ActionScript port (this project): Apache License v2.0.


4.3-SNAPSHOT, 598f8c0f9562

Implementation notes:

  • All Java getters/setters as ActionScript get/set.
  • All builders method moved from LC/AC to new classes LCBuilder/ACBuilder due to:
    • ActionScript doesn't support overloading methods;
    • Reduce your swf size (if you don't use "API Creation of Constraints").
  • Deprecated methods are not ported.
  • Class AC is removed, because it contains only vector of DimConstraint.
  • horizontalScreenDPI, verticalScreenDPI, getPixelUnitFactor, screenWidth, screenHeight, screenLocationX and screenLocationY moved from ComponentWrapper to ContainerWrapper (due to actually used only containers).
  • parent removed from ComponentWrapper — is not needed at all (only one case, so, hasParent added to ContainerWrapper).
  • component removed from ComponentWrapper — actually, if you need it, you know real implementation of component wrapper and can call any suitable for you method (and can implement any required for you stuff in you component wrapper implementation).
  • Grid allows nullable rowConstraints, columnConstraints and lc.
  • Grid.layout() method — remove alignX and alignY paramaters, because LC has full information about it.
  • DimConstraint refactored — CellConstraint and ComponentConstraint were extracted and DimConstraint became internal abstract class due to:
    • reduce memory usage (overhead is very small, but nevertheless);
    • remove comments like "Only applicable on components!" :)
  • Grid.MAX_GRID visibility changed to public, required for IDE UI Designers.

API Creation of Constraints is ported too, but is not tested and is not recommended to use. String creation of the constraints is short to type and easy to read.


Why Flex layout is not suitable?

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