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Simple discord bot written in c#
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Latest commit 0db1d5b Feb 9, 2019
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BadoszApiModule Use CommandsNext in valid way :) Feb 9, 2019
kuvuBot.Data Add rethinkdb > mysql migration tools Feb 3, 2019
kuvuBot.Panel Catch removed guilds in leaderboard Feb 8, 2019
kuvuBot Add currency command Feb 9, 2019
.gitattributes Add .gitignore and .gitattributes. Dec 24, 2018
.gitignore Make nav items changeable Feb 6, 2019
kuvuBot.sln Update DSharpPlus Feb 8, 2019
kuvuBot.sln.DotSettings Add minesweeper command Feb 3, 2019
nuget.config Update DSharpPlus Feb 8, 2019 Change links in ReadMe Dec 26, 2018

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