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Discord server:
Bot invite:

Requirements to run kuvuBot

  • .NET Core (min. version 3.1)
  • MySQL server


There are two ways to run kuvuBot:

  1. With website:
    • Start kuvuBot from kuvuBot.Panel project
      There are two modes of webserver and you have to specify mode in start command.
      • Dev (which runs on port 80 and has debug enabled)
      • Production (runs on port 5000)
  2. Without website:
    • Start kuvuBot from kuvuBot project

Keep in mind that both of these projects have separate config files (each in its own directory). Respectively: kuvuBot/config.json and kuvuBot.Panel/config.json

If you want to use Badosz API module, you have to build BadoszApiModule project and put outpud dll file in kuvuBot/modules or kuvuBot.Panel/modules (depends how you start your bot.)