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from posixpath import exists
from cms.models import CMSPlugin
from django.db import models
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from filer.fields.file import FilerFileField
from cmsplugin_filer_utils import FilerPluginManager
class FilerFile(CMSPlugin):
Plugin for storing any type of file.
Default template displays download link with icon (if available) and file size.
This could be updated to use the mimetypes library to determine the type of file rather than
storing a separate icon for each different extension.
The icon search is currently performed within get_icon_url; this is probably a performance concern.
title = models.CharField(_("title"), max_length=255, null=True, blank=True)
file = FilerFileField(verbose_name=_('file'))
target_blank = models.BooleanField(_('Open link in new window'), default=False)
objects = FilerPluginManager(select_related=('file',))
def get_icon_url(self):
return self.file.icons['32']
def file_exists(self):
return exists(self.file.path)
def get_file_name(self):
if in ('', None):
name = u"%s" % (self.file.original_filename,)
name = u"%s" % (,)
return name
def get_ext(self):
return self.file.extension
def __unicode__(self):
if self.title:
return self.title
elif self.file:
# added if, because it raised attribute error when file wasnt defined
return self.get_file_name()
return "<empty>"
search_fields = ('title',)
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