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+#Just Read
+**Just Read** is a theme for the super cool Python static site generator [Pelican]( This particular project is a semi-fork of the [original Just Read]( with a number of notable improvements:
+* Inline code
+* Sass instead of Less (WIP)
+* There should be some more stuff here eventually.
+##Files worth mentioning
+* **** - sample configuration for Pelican with variables used in the theme.
+* **psd/** PSDs of images used in this theme.
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-# Just Read
-"Just Read" is a theme for [Pelican]( The fluid-width layout is based based on the Golden Grid System by [Joni Korpi](
-## Worth mentioning files
-- **** contains the variables used in the theme, use it as reference to build your own configuration file.
-- **var.less** defines the colors and fonts used. Much more easy to edit than the main.css file.
-- the **psd folder** contains the images used in the theme, handful if you want to change the color scheme.
-*Note: I tested the theme only in the latests version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. *
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