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Mooney Suite


Mooney Suite is an integrated solution of useful apps for Stellar.


Our main goal is to facilitate and simplify the use of the Stellar Network by providing the most complete suite of applications to users so they don't feel intimidated by the vast complexity of crypto markets. It will be their one and only entry point to the Stellar ecosystem.

Timeline: How and when you will accomplish your goals.

Since Mooney Suite is comprised of multiplatform applications for macOS, iOS, watchOS, Android and the web, it is difficult to estimate times of completion. Most of the work is already done for each individual app making decoupled integration and debugging the only remaining phases of the project. Ballpark estimates point to a six month timeline for the whole suite to be ready for production, while individual apps and tools can be used as they are available.


Mooney Suite is an integrated solution for Stellar. It includes a desktop app, desktop exchange, mobile wallet, watch app and browser extension to have all your Stellar needs covered. It also includes a series of tools to generate vanity addresses, custom tokens, ledger explorer, ticker watcher, account manager, etc. It's the most ambitious project for the Stellar ecosystem to date.

Starting with address creation we provide vanity generators to help you choose what's right for your personal brand. Desktop and mobile wallets will hold your assets using the most secure principles of crypto currencies. A decentralized exchange for desktops and browsers will allow you to trade assets with ease at any time without compromising your peace of mind, your assets and your keys stay always with you. A watch app will allow you to check the Stellar price at all times with the twist of your wrist. And finally, the simplest tools to help you create tokens, set inflation destination, watch the Stellar Ticker live, even a dashboard to keep an eye on the health of the Stellar Network. All of this in one simple and easy to use Mooney Suite.



  • Desktop wallet

Desktop Wallet

  • Desktop exchange

Desktop exchange

  • Mobile wallet

Mobile wallet

  • Watch app

Watch app

  • Browser wallet

Browser wallet

  • Tools


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