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A command line client for ripple trading. Now ripple-commander is using Ripple REST API.

If you appreciate the work, welcome donate some xrp to rscxz5PqRrmUaMigyb1mP32To1rQDygxAq .


  1. Install nodejs (>=4.0.0).

  2. Checkout the source code.

     git clone
  3. Download necessary node modules.

     cd ripple-commander
     npm install
  4. Before running the commander, you should copy config.json.sample and rename the new file to config.json. Use a text editor to open config.json, edit the server field to your private or trusted one. If you trust Ripple Labs 100%, you still can use the default configuration( until it is shutdown.

  5. Run commander. Account (ripple address) and secret will be required and saved to wallet.txt for the first time.

     node start-commander.js
  6. Type help to see available commands. Press Ctrl+C to exit.


Generate a new ripple account(address and secret pair), notice that the secret and address are generated by REST server.


Get balance of current account


Get trustlines of current account


Grant or remove a trustline, set limit to 0 for removing.

    grant-trustline <issuer> <currency> <limit> [ --allow-rippling ]

Send money, for example, send rscxz5PqRrmUaMigyb1mP32To1rQDygxAq 20+XRP.

    send <destination> <amount+currency+issuer> [ --source-tag=<source_tag> ] [ --destination-tag=<destination_tag> ] [ --invoice-id=<invoice_id> ]

Send money to bridge, for example send-to-bridge 100, you will be asked for detail later.

    send-to-bridge <destination> <amount>

Get payment detail

    get-payment <resource_id>

Get detail of recent payments


Get orders


Place an order, type can be sell or buy.

    place-order <type> <amount1+currency1+issuer1> <amount2+currency2+issuer2>

Cancel an order

    cancel-order <sequence>

Get orderbook of currency pair, notice that orders generated by auto-bridge are not contained in the list.

    get-orderbook <currency1+issuer1> <currency2+issuer2> [ --limit=<limit> ]

Get transaction status

    get-transaction <hash>

Show list of trusted issuers, Data is from You can add custom gateways by editing config.json.

    show-issuers [ --keyword=<issuer_name> ]

Show all accounts in wallet, the top one is the account currently in use.

    show-accounts [ --show-secret ]

Add an account into wallet

    add-account [ <address> ]

Change the activated account (account currently in use)

    change-account [ <address> ]

Remove an account from wallet

    remove-account [ <address> ]

Encrypt wallet, Use AES to protect the wallet file. Afte encryption, wallet.txt will be removed and wallet.dat will be generated.


Decrypt wallet


Tasks done

  • Trading. (grant trustline, send money, place order, cancel order, etc.)
  • Federation protocol supported. You can withdraw money by sending IOU to automatic bridge.
  • Wallet protection.
  • Account management.

Remaining tasks

  • Command auto-complete.
  • Pipe.
  • Generate new ripple account offline.
  • Offline signature and discard REST api.


The MIT License.

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