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Spectral signatures of perceptual categorization in human cortex

The code to support the findings in Identifying task-relevant spectral signatures of perceptual categorization in the human cortex by Ilya Kuzovkin, Juan R. Vidal, Marcela Perrone-Bertlotti, Philippe Kahane, Sylvain Rheims, Jaan Aru, Jean-Philippe Lachaux, Raul Vicente

Start with preprocessing by following the steps outlined in the Preprocessing directory.
After that perform the decoding as explained in Classification.
To obtain final figures and analysis results follow the Analysis section.


The final spectrotemproal data is available from


  1. Follow the instructions in Preprocessing to prepare the data,
  2. then train Random Forests as explained in Classification and
  3. finally do the Analysis to get to the conclusions!


Initialize FreeSurfer

export FREESURFER_HOME=/Applications/freesurfer