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Python BioSemi ActiveTwo: main class
Copyright 2015, Ilya Kuzovkin
Licensed under MIT
Builds on example code by Jack Keegan
import socket
import numpy as np
class ActiveTwo():
Main class which implements major functions needed for communication with BioSemi ActiveTwo device
#: Host where ActiView acquisition software is running
host = None
#: This is the port ActiView listens on
port = None
#: Number of channles
nchannels = None
#: Data packet size (default: 32 channels @ 512Hz)
buffer_size = None
def __init__(self, host='', sfreq=512, port=778, nchannels=32, tcpsamples=4):
Initialize connection and parameters of the signal
:param host: IP address where ActiView is running
:param port: Port ActiView is listening on
:param nchannels: Number of EEG channels
# store parameters = host
self.port = port
self.nchannels = nchannels
self.sfreq = sfreq
self.tcpsamples = tcpsamples
self.buffer_size = self.nchannels * self.tcpsamples * 3
# open connection
self.s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
self.s.connect((, self.port))
def read(self, duration):
Read signal from the EEG device
:param duration: How long to read in seconds
:return: Signal in the matrix form: samples x channels
# initialize final data array
rawdata = np.empty((0,32))
# The reader process will run until requested amount of data is collected
samples = 0
while samples < duration * self.sfreq:
# Create a 16-sample signal_buffer
signal_buffer = np.zeros((self.nchannels, self.tcpsamples))
# Read the next packet from the network
# sometimes there is an error and packet is smaller than needed, read until get a good one
data = []
while len(data) != self.buffer_size:
data = self.s.recv(self.buffer_size)
# Extract 16 samples from the packet (ActiView sends them in 16-sample chunks)
for m in range(self.tcpsamples):
# extract samples for each channel
for ch in range(self.nchannels):
offset = m * 3 * self.nchannels + (ch * 3)
# The 3 bytes of each sample arrive in reverse order
sample = (ord(data[offset+2]) << 16)
sample += (ord(data[offset+1]) << 8)
sample += ord(data[offset])
# Store sample to signal buffer
signal_buffer[ch, m] = sample
# update sample counter
samples += self.tcpsamples
# transpose matrix so that rows are samples
signal_buffer = np.transpose(signal_buffer)
# add to the final dataset
rawdata = np.concatenate((rawdata, signal_buffer), axis=0)
return rawdata