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Simple spring controller using coroutines, webflux and fuel
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Spring Boot gingerbread service

This project contains example Controller serving a few endpoints.

Each endpoint returns a Gingerbread data and uses specific request handler:

  • /blockingRestTemplate - standard Spring Rest Template (blocking)
  • /suspendingPureCoroutines - uses Rest Template but wrapped into coroutine (still blocking)
  • /suspendingFuelCoroutines - uses suspendable client and coroutines: Fuel (non-blocking)
  • /webfluxPureReactive - uses Spring WebClient underneath
  • /webfluxReactiveCoroutines - the same Spring WebClient but wrapped into mono coroutine builder

Assumes that request handlers call some external micro-service (auxiliary kotlin-coroutines-server) exposed on http://localhost:8087/

To run a server (by default uses netty on port 8080):

$ ./gradlew bootRun

To set the number of netty server workers to 64 (by default netty uses number of CPU cores, but at least 2):

$ ./gradlew bootRun -Dreactor.netty.ioWorkerCount=64

To run performance test against local server on port 8080:

$ ./
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