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go-like application made with Flutter and Kuzzle
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Kuzzle Go (Flutter demo)

Kuzzle Go is a project made with Kuzzle and Flutter to demonstrate the use of both technologies at the same time.

This project is a go-like application (like Pokemon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite) where you have to catch some programming languages.


This source code is related to the this article.


You have to setup the Google API key for using the Google Map API (used in this project to display a map).


For this, you can follow the "Setup" section of this article.

Command line

Just run the following commands (don't forget to replace PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE with your API key).

$ sed -i 's/[[GOOGLE_API_KEY_PLACEHOLDER]]/PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE/g' app/android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
$ sed -i 's/[[GOOGLE_API_KEY_PLACEHOLDER]]/PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE/g' app/ios/Runner/AppDelegate.m


Run the Kuzzle backend with the following command at the root of this repository:

$ docker-compose -f server/docker/docker-compose.yml up

Run the Flutter app:

$ cd app && flutter run

Let's catch them all!

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