Freeboard plugin to help integrating data from a Kuzzle Server to your Freeboard IoT Dashboard
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Kuzzle freeboard plugin

Freeboard plugin to help integrate data from a Kuzzle Server to your Freeboard IoT Dashboard

Kuzzle Datasource

Kuzzle Datasource freeboard plugin allow to take advantage of Kuzzle Realtime capabilities to monitor any realtime parametter of your Kuzzle based IoT application.

For now, Kuzzle Freeboard Datasource plugin is limited to monitoring document when they are created, but you could easily adapt it to monitor document when they are updated, deleted, or published for pure realtime documents (documents that are not stored).

This document focuses on using the plugin with freeboard running locally, using the development version: freeboard/index-dev.html. You can get it from Freeboard/freeboard. It should take little effort to get the plugin available for online version at

Enable Kuzzle Datasource Plugin

First you have to make Kuzzle JS sdk available to freeboard plugins. One way to do this, is to kuzzle-sdk it to freeboard depndencies using npm.

In freeboard folder enter the following command:

$ npm install kuzzle-sdk

Then modify freeboard/index-dev.html file to add loading of Kuzzle JS SDK, and Kuzzle DataSource plugin.

    <script type="text/javascript">

                // Make Kuzzle() available
                // Load Kuzzle Datasource plugin

                // *** Load more plugins here ***

You can now check that Kuzzle DataSource plugin is available. Open freeboard/index-dev.html in your favorite web browser. Under DATASOURCES, click the ADD button. In the dropdown list, you should be able to see Kuzzle Datasource entry.

alt text

Kuzzle Datasource Configuration

Once you clicked on Kuzzle Datasource entry, you get to the plugin settings screen.

alt text


Name Description
Kuzzle host The hostname of the machine on which Kuzzle Server instance si running, default is localhost.
Kuzzle port The port through which Kuzzle Server is accessible, default is 7512
Token You can provide a token to be used if anonymous access has been removed. See Kuzzle login API to learn how to generate a JWT encrypted token
Index The Kuzzle index that holds the documents your are interested in.
Collection The Kuzzle collection that holds the documents your are interested in.
Filter The filter the document you are interested in must match. Refer to Koncord documentation for further information about Kuzzle realtime filters. Using {} as filter, will match any document content.

The Kuzzle Datasource plugin will receive a notification for each created document in the specified index/collection that matches the filter.