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Kuzzle compatibility

Versions 3.x of this plugin are compatible with Kuzzle v1.0.0-RC.8 and upper.

For older versions of Kuzzle, install v1.x or v2.x versions of this plugin instead.

Plugin Local Password Authentication

This plugin provides a local authentication with username/password with passportjs module.

By default, this plugin is already installed in Kuzzle.


This plugin doesn't need any right.



Just send following data to the auth controller:

  "strategy": "local",
  "username": "<username>",

See Kuzzle API Documentation for more details about Kuzzle authentication mechanism.

How to create a plugin

See Kuzzle documentation about plugin for more information about how to create your own plugin.

About Kuzzle

For UI and linked objects developers, Kuzzle is an open-source solution that handles all the data management (CRUD, real-time storage, search, high-level features, etc).

Kuzzle features are accessible through a secured API. It can be used through a large choice of protocols such as REST, Websocket or Message Queuing protocols.