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Plugin that handles logs from Kuzzle
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# [2.0.12]( (2019-02-21)

#### Bug fixes

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Kuzzle logger plugin

This plugin is a bridge between Kuzzle and winston package. It is part of the default plugins provided with Kuzzle.

Currently, three winston transports are supported:

  • stdout (winston Console)
  • file (winston File)
  • syslog (from winston-syslog)


Each transport can be added and configured by adding it to the services entry.

The content of this section is almost passed as-is to winston related transport constructor.

The only exception is addDate and dateFormat parameters, which are specific to Kuzzle and allow to specify a custom date format using only plain-text configuration, using moment format.

⚠️ Contrary to winston, it is not possible to pass a function to any option.


  "threads": 2,
  "services": {
    "file": {
      "level": "warn",
      "filename": "kuzzle.log",
      "addDate": true,
      "dateFormat": "dddd, MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a"
    "stdout": {
      "level": "info",
      "addDate": "true"
    "syslog": {
      "protocol": "unix",
      "path": "/dev/log",
      "facility": "local6"

Default configuration

If no configuration is given, this plugin will output logs to the console only, from info level and above.

Transports configuration references

Date formatting

Native winston date related/timestamp configurations are merged during the plugin init for transports that support it.

In other words, timestamp and addDate can be used indifferently for stdout and file transports:

  "services": {
    "stdout": {
      "timestamp": true,
      "dateFormat": "YYYY-MM-DD HH-mm-ss"

How to create a plugin

Please refer to Kuzzle plugin documentation for more information on how to build you own plugins.

About Kuzzle

Kuzzle is an open-source back-end solution for various applications.

It combines a high level API, a database, a real-time engine, subscription and notification mechanisms as well as some advanced search features. The API is accessible through several standard protocols.

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