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A fully fledged boilerplate to kickoff your Kuzzle projects with React and Redux
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Kuzzle, React and Redux boilerplate

A pretty fat boilerplate to start-off webapp projects based on Kuzzle and React/Redux. This boilerplate is composed of a backend, located in ./backend and a frontend, located in ./frontend.

Each layer of the stack contains its corresponding file. Please refer to it.


This boilerplate provides you with:

  • A dockerized instance of Kuzzle, ready to be extended with a...
    • ...plugin boilerplate mounted as a volume in the Kuzzle Docker container
  • A React web application based on the Kuzzle SDK v6, including:
    • an implementation of the authentication method integrated with Redux
    • an implementation of the "Offline mode", also integrated with Redux
    • an implementation of react-toastify to show notifications

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Clone this repository using the following command

git clone --recurse-submodules

Note that the --recurse-submodules is important since the backend folder is a submodule pointing to the Kuzzle Plugin Advanced Boilerplate.

And then what?

Start your local Kuzzle instance by typing

docker-compose -f backend/docker/docker-compose.yml up -d

Login to Kuzzle Admin Console and create your admin account.

Serve your web app locally by typing:

cd frontend
yarn install && yarn start

It's done! Now you can visit localhost:3000 and login with the previous created account.

Start a new project

If you want to start a new project from this boilerplate, delete the Git tree and reinitialize the repo from scratch:

cd kuzzle-react-redux-boilerplate
rm -rf .git

At this point you may rename the folder of your project to a meaningful name. Then, you can set remote(s) the usual way:

git init
git remote add origin <another-git-server-URL-here>

It's all over! Now you can start your new project using Kuzzle and React.

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