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scottinet Expose new admin:load* routes (#1283)
# Description

The new API routes `admin:loadFixtures`, `admin:loadMappings` and `admin:loadSecurities` weren't exposed.

* expose these 3 API routes to the funnel
* add the appropriate HTTP URLs for these 3 API routes 
* properly reject improperly formatted bodies for these routes, instead of returning unhandled errors to the requesting users
* add unit & functional tests to make sure that these 3 routes behave correctly

# Boyscout

* Fix a kuzzle.start unit test that didn't properly wait for a promise to be resolved
* Simplify some of the existing `admin:load*` unit tests to make them return a promise instead of using mocha's `done` callback
* Hide console messages when running unit tests on the CLI `start` command

# Why a hotfix?

These 3 routes have been announced in the changelog, and documented in the official documentation, so it doesn't seem right to wait for a new kuzzle version to release them.
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.ci Embed mqtt (#1223) Dec 11, 2018
.github Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 1.x May 16, 2018
docker-compose [bugfix] fix fixtures loading at start Mar 28, 2019
features Expose new admin:load* routes (#1283) Apr 3, 2019
lib Expose new admin:load* routes (#1283) Apr 3, 2019
plugins [plugins] version update Mar 26, 2019
protocols Release 1.4.0 (#1151) Jul 10, 2018
run fix "No mapping found for [_kuzzle_info.deletedAt]" error at startup (#… Jun 7, 2017
test Expose new admin:load* routes (#1283) Apr 3, 2019
.dockerignore enable sonar in project Feb 20, 2017
.eslintrc.json eslint Jun 19, 2017
.gitmodules Re-added submodules with https Jan 24, 2017
.kuzzlerc.sample Fix documentation links (#1277) Mar 27, 2019
.npmignore enable sonar in project Feb 20, 2017
.travis.yml [ci] Fix NPM deployment Mar 26, 2019 Fix documentation links (#1277) Mar 27, 2019
Dockerfile Embed mqtt (#1223) Dec 11, 2018 Release 1.4.0 (#1151) Jul 10, 2018 Update readme (#1260) Mar 22, 2019
Vagrantfile add a dockerfile and move vagrant.yml into vagrant folder Aug 21, 2015 [dockerhub] Fix docker image builder (#1216) Nov 15, 2018
codecov.yml add codecov configuration file Nov 10, 2016
cucumber.js Embed mqtt (#1223) Dec 11, 2018
default.config.js KZL-508 - auth:refreshToken (#1265) Mar 25, 2019
package-lock.json Expose new admin:load* routes (#1283) Apr 3, 2019
package.json Expose new admin:load* routes (#1283) Apr 3, 2019 <insert rant here> Apr 24, 2017

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Why Kuzzle ?

Kuzzle is a ready-to-use, on-premises backend that enables you to manage your persistent data and be notified in real-time on whatever happens to it. It also provides you with a flexible and powerful user-management system.

Kuzzle enables you to build modern web applications and complex IoT networks in no time.

  • Persisted data: store your data and perform advanced searches on it.
  • Real-time notifications: subscribe to fine-grained subsets of data.
  • User Management: login, logout and security rules are no more a burden.
  • Extensible: fit Kuzzle to your needs by leveraging the plugin system.

Kuzzle in production

Kuzzle is production-proof, and can be deployed anywhere.

With Kuzzle, it is possible to deploy applications that can serve tens of thousands of users with very good performances.

We also provide a plugin to deploy a Kuzzle cluster that provides horizontal scalability. In addition, its masterless cluster architecture provides high availability for constant uptime.

Check out our support plans.


Quick install

The easiest way to setup a kuzzle server for Linux-like systems without prerequisites is to download and run our installation script:

$ sudo bash -c "$(curl"

You can get detailed information about how to start kuzzle with docker on

Manual install

Check our complete installation guide on

Quick start with Kuzzle

Check the Getting started page on

Useful links

Contributing to Kuzzle

You're welcome to contribute to Kuzzle! Feel free to report issues, ask for features or even make pull requests!

Check our contributing documentation to know about our coding and pull requests rules

Join our community

  • Follow us on twitter to get latest news
  • Register to our monthly newsletter to get highlighed news
  • Visit our blog to be informed about what we are doing
  • Come chat with us on gitter
  • Ask technical questions on stack overflow


Kuzzle is published under Apache 2 License.

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