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BM: Bearded Men (and a fortress)

A voxel-based simulation management game. Where bearded men build and dig and defend and hunt, all that sort of thing.

Current features

  • OpenGL 3.2 + Qt
  • World grid rendering (current level and floor under it), can navigate deeper with +/- keys. That also rebuilds world mesh.
  • QB (Qubicle format) RGB-colored voxel models. Keyboard controls the cursor (qb model), showing a bearded man (qb model)
  • Tool dock showing cursor position and depth. Gives keyboard hints.
  • Componented objects: object can be an entity, a worker, can have a body (that takes damage), a brain (to think). Game orders classes designed (positional, to an area, to certain entity).
  • Game logic runs when you press Dot key. Objects with brain can think. Objects that are workers can take orders and try to path A-star to the order destination.
  • Astar AI goal solver. Workers have list of actions they can take with preconditions. Player command sets a goal with postconditions. Astar solver navigates through this graph of possible steps to find a list of actions.
  • Priority queuing of tasks (3 priorities). Failed tasks are lowered in priority (for example can't reach rock to dig).

TODO: everything else


This CMakeLists project builds under Qt5.6 (because QOpenGLWidget) and MacOSX. But because it is Qt and I do not use any strange OS-specific functions - this may also build under Windows and Linux. I will try one of them later and will adjust the CMakeLists.


  1. Get Qt5.6 + QtCreator + hope you have OpenGL support at least version 3.1 (shaders v150). On OSX this will also force you to have XCode, so get it too.
  2. Get CMake (brew install cmake on OSX).
  3. Open the CMakeLists file in QtCreator as a project (if you have error that CMAKE_MODULE_DIR something something not found - add -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/Qt/5.6/gcc_64/ to your command line field, adjust path as necessary)
  4. Change in Project settings to run from project root directory (there are loadable assets).

NOTE: On Linux with software emulated Mesa GL the game runs VERY slow if your machine runs on battery. Use hardware accelerated drivers with GL 3.0 support or plug in your power cable!


Run make locatization-update to update files in lang/*.ts, run linguist to change translations, then run make localization-release. Game will load one lang/*.qm file created by lrelease.


"Bearded Men (and a Fortress)" is a simulation game in a 3D voxel world (renderer: OpenGL/Qt) based on PolyVox engine






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