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Backend to BrowserQuest ( in Erlang/OTP.

We make use of Cowboy websocket handlers for communication with
the BrowserQuest client. No modifications were done to the BrowserQuest Client
except for ip configuration.
The goal is to build a more scalable backend for websocket-based games.

    * Player login and movement works. Map collision detection and
      player start position generation.
    * Basic monster spawning and fighting.
    * Different architecture compared to original nodeJS backend; 
      we hope to add more scalability features later on. The architecture 
      is event-based and players, monsters and items are mapped as Erlang 

    * Support item drops and static NPCs.
    * Proper supervisor tree.


1. git clone
2. cd win
2. ./rebar get-deps
3. ./rebar compile
4. ./
5. Launch a new terminal
6. Start Client (see below)


1. git clone
2. Launch backend.
3. Point browser to BrowserQuest/client/index.html
4. If you cannot connect, check the config files in BrowserQuest/client/config
   for host/port settings. Default port in backend is set to 8000 but can be 
   changed in the app.src

The original BrowserQuest repo is at
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