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ErlangRT - Runtime

Erlang Replacement Therapy. This is an attempt to make Erlang runtime (BEAM emulator) in Rust. This is not the first attempt so I kinda know what I'm doing.

Progress to the Proof of Concept

  • Term library 80% (remaining 80% are in progress)
  • External Term Format (decoder 70%, encoder 0%)
  • BEAM Loader - mostly done
  • VM and processes 40%
  • VM loop and opcodes 45% (74 of 168)
  • Some basic BIFs <15%
  • Binaries, sub-binaries, binary heap, binary opcodes: <20%
Trying to run ``init:boot/1``

Tests in priv/test2.erl work. Running make test tries to run init:boot/1 and produces the output above.


  • The source assumes that you have Erlang OTP 22+ source in a Git submodule in otp/, and the stdlib and preload BEAM files are compiled and ready. Makefile takes care of it.

  • Install latest Rust and Cargo via Rustup

  • Run make and with the magic of Bash autocomplete see which targets it supports. You might like:

    • make run - runs the executable with test args, whatever set by the developer, do not expect it to show any magical tricks;
    • make doc - builds doc pages in target/doc/erlang_rt/
    • make test - runs the tests
    • make build and make build-rel - builds but does not run the debug and the release target respectively

Currently the emulator expects to have preloaded BEAM modules from OTP 22+ located in otp/ Git submodule (Makefile takes care of it).

Editing and Code Navigation

I am using and strongly recommend IntelliJ IDEA CE (free version) with IntelliJ-Rust plugin (available in repositories tab inside IntelliJ).

Reference Material



License Inspection


Erlang Replacement Therapy. Another attempt to make Erlang runtime (BEAM emulator) in Rust. Good news: I know what to do. Bad news: I have no clue how to Rust





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