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Helm chart and OpenNebula images ready to deploy on Kubernetes
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Helm chart and OpenNebula images ready to deploy on Kubernetes

Quick start

Control plane

  • Create namespace:

    kubectl create namespace opennebula
  • Deploy OpenNebula:

    cd helm/opennebula
    vim values.yaml
    helm template . | kubectl apply -n opennebula -f -

Compute nodes

  • To deploy external compute node your hosts should have libvirtd and qemu-kvm installed and configured sudoers, just place opennebula.sudoers for your system into /etc/sudoers.d/opennebula.
    Otherwise you can just install opennebula-node meta-package.

  • Get OpenNebula's ssh-key, and place it to /var/lib/one/.ssh/authorized_keys on every node to allow OpenNebula login via ssh.

    kubectl exec opennebula-oned-0 -c oned -- ssh-keygen -y -f /var/lib/one/.ssh/id_rsa
  • Create new host via OpenNebula Interface.

  • Check is everything is fine
    You should be able login via ssh from oned pod to every node. You can check that by executing the following command:

    kubectl exec -ti opennebula-oned-0 ssh <node>
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