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This repo contains any source code from my past publications. They are also available (along with the author's version documents) on my webpage and on the official website of the AUEB Computer Graphics Group. I also decided to make them available here.

List of papers:

Paper Data
Multi-view Ambient Occlusion with Importance Sampling - i3D 2013 GLSL Shaders
Real-time Radiance Caching using Chrominance Compression - JCGT 2014 GLSL Shaders and Windows runtime demo
A Multiview and Multilayer Approach for Interactive Ray Tracing - i3D 2016 GLSL Shaders and Windows runtime demo
DIRT: Deferred Image-based Ray Tracing - HPG 2016 GLSL Shaders and Windows runtime demo
Variable k-Buffer using Importance Maps - EG Short 2017 GLSL Shaders

Each paper is placed on its corresponding folder, each one containing GLSL source code and (if available) the runtime demo. The code is provided as is. You are free (and encouraged) to use it at any of your projects, but please cite the corresponding authors. You can always contact me for any information.

All this work was implemented on AUEB CG Group's internal graphics engine, XEngine. A (quite) old version is available here. Since the aforementioned papers are part of the engine's complex codebase, a full C++ demo is not easy to provide and, frankly, it would make each method much more difficult to understand, in terms of clarity. However, if you need one, you can always contact me.

External Links

To avoid maintaining code duplicates here and there, additional links for other research material is provided below:

Paper Link Description
A Survey of Multifragment Rendering - CGF (EG STAR) 2020 Complete MFR repository
Rayground: An Online Educational Tool for Ray Tracing - EG EDU 2020 Official Website