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Vangers is a legendary game featuring unique gameplay and technical innovation. The idea of this project is to replicate the old look and behavior, but with native hardware acceleration for the graphics.

You need the original game in order to try out vange-rs. The path to resources needs to be set in config/settings.ron.



The game uses wgpu-rs for graphics and winit for windowing.

The level is drawn in a single full-screen draw call with a bit of ray tracing magic. There is also an experimental tessellation-based renderer, but neither produce results of sufficient quality. See the dedicated wiki page for our rendering technologies.


The project is structured to provide multiple binaries. road binary is for the main game, which includes mechouses, items, and the level. Note: leaving the level="" empty in the config would load a flat boring debug level.

git clone
cd vange-rs
cp config/settings.template.ron config/settings.ron
edit config/settings.ron # set the game path
cargo run

The graphics engine tries the available backends in this order: Metal, Vulkan, DX12, DX11.


  • WSAD: movement in the game, rotating the camera around the car during the pause
  • left shift: turbo
  • P: enter/exit pause for debugging
  • R: reset forces and orientation of the mechous
  • <>: step physics frame back/forward during the pause
  • Esc: exit


Mechous viewer/debugger

car binary allows to see the mechos with items selected by the configuration. It also shows the debug collision info.

cargo run --bin car


  • WSAD: rotate the camera
  • Esc: exit

mechous debugging

3D model viewer

model binary loads a selected "m3d" from games resource to observe.

cargo run --bin model resource/m3d/items/i21.m3d


  • AD: rotate the camera
  • Esc: exit

item view

Level viewer

level binary allows to fly over a level with free camera. Useful for debugging the level rendering shader.

cargo run --bin level


  • WSAD: move the camera along X-Y plane
  • ZX: move the camera along Z plane
  • Alt + WSAD: rotate the camera
  • Esc: exit

level view


convert binary is a command line utility for converting the game data into formats that are more interoperable. Please see the wiki page for the usage instructions.