Part 3: Baby flask app with postgres db deployed on Heroku
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#--------------------------------------------------- #PART THREE: Not so fast, yet another Flask Tutorial

AnotherForm_deployed #---------------------------------------------------

This is yet another Flask tutorial in the world, but...I don't jump from hello world to deployment. My aim was to explain the hidden brain of flask a bit more pedantically for newbies and none software developers.

This code belongs to the tutorial katya_flask_tutorial

Part One uses:

Part Two uses:

Part Three uses:

The app is deployed to:

In this section we will deploy this small but not simple app to Heroku. A number of steps (more detailed list is in steps.txt) to do this are infront of us: -Creating a file to pull global vars connecting to Heroku db instance

-Setting up an account, app, and DB on Heroku

-Creating Procfile to tell Heroku how to run stuff

-Creating pgsql files to create tables

-Replacing db connections with those on Heroku

-Spin up a DB on Heroku

-For the purposes of live Python meetup tutorial December 17, 2016, we'll be going through these step-by-step.

#Here's what our new file structure looks like now locally, which will get pushed to Git and automatically deployed to Heroku:

├── .gitignore              # So that we don't commit compiled files or our environment passwords
├── Procfile                # Use the Procfile to tell Heroku how to run various pieces of your app
├── .env                    # So that we don't commit compiled files or our environment passwords
├──               # This will be how to test/run the app & have basic info
├── requirements.txt        # These are the dependencies that you need to install for the app to run
├── runtime.txt        	  # Tells Heroku to run in python 3.5.2
├──  				  # Runs the app!
├── test.csv                # sample csv to load
├──  Form/                  # Everything our app includes is inside this folder
│   ├──        # App-wide setup. Called by ``
│   ├──          # Configuration Files. i.e. Login related things. Pulls from .env
│   ├──           # All the view routes
│   ├── # All the view routes
│   ├──           # Folder for any data we might want to use
│   ├──  templates/         # HTML files go here
│   │   ├──  index.html     # JavaScript & HTML
│   ├──  scripts/           # Postgres database creation scripts 
│   │   ├──  test.pgsql     # Test pgsql

-The cat.jpg, steps.tex, and are anciallary to the app