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NESulator. Yet another NES emulator for learning purposes


The main intent of this project isn't to produce an emulator 100% accurate or the fastest one or to achieve it under X-lines, but to learn C and emulation through a "real" project. The main authors of this emulator were (and still are) quite new to pure C programming and therefore some of the code might be seen as "newbie" or "no-no", if you, the reader think there's a better way of doing it please let us know. We'll be glad to refactor it :)

For the sake of learning, For the glory of "teaching"

Another thing we would like to achieve (even if slightly) is to have an impact in future NES developers. We've tried to document the code as much as we needed for our future selfs and we tried to write it in a clean and readable way hoping that it would help people get started on their project. And if not, at least we'll be able to realise what we wrote months ago without pulling our hair out

Criticize us, help us, make us improve

Do you see something you don't like? Have you read anything that can be improved? We would love to hear about it. Open an issue and we can discuss it

Visit the Wiki for more info!

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