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These are my dotfiles, loosely inspired by and

Everything has been pared down to a minimum, and most of the automated bootstrapping has been scrapped. I wanted to let my dotfiles grow organically, so that I may better understand them, rather than just drop in somebody else's settings.


  • Clone the repo into ~/.dotfiles
  • Link everything in link/ to home: ln -s ~/.dotfiles/link/.bashrc ~/.bashrc
  • Copy everything in copy/ to home: cp ~/.dotfiles/.gitconfig ~/.gitconfig. This allows for system-specific settings without disturbing the repo.
  • init/ has some scripts that can be run once for system initialization
  • Anything in source/ will automatically get sourced by a handy function in .bashrc

License and Attribution

Bits and pieces are courtesy of Ben Alman and Mathias Bynens, and licensed under the MIT License and/or the GPL where appropriate.