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v1.3.1 - 29 Oct 2011
* Added template configuration for labeled items
Bug Fixes:
* Soothed the aggressive clearing of emptyText that would clear query values
* Fixed misalignment of picker after store load in some scenarios
* Fixed single select tracking of proper value labels
* Fixed server side parsing of remote store example to use queries
* Added example template configurations to remote store example
v1.3 - 25 Oct 2011
* Updated library references to ext-4.0.7-gpl
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed input element retaining emptyText when not blank
* Fixed sizing of input fields
* Fixed infinite loop loads on auto-querying remote stores
* Added more examples for setting initial value
* Added examples for remote stores with auto-querying of unknown values
* Minor documentation updates
Previous Updates
v1.2 - 14 Sep 2011
* Added encodeSubmitValue option to submit form value as json encoded string instead of array of POST fields
* Added triggerOnClick option to emulate a trigger click when clicking in the field (like uneditable ComboBox)
* Added grow/growMin/growMax options and respect for fixed field heights
* Moved sizing logic component layout class for consistency with main library
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed rendering templates to take more advantage of 4.0.5's new selector methods
* Fixed field height growth issues in container layouts that provide fixed heights
* Modified pinList behavior to also clear the input field after selection
* Fixed some sequencing issues that would sometimes cause inefficient/undesirable/incorrect processing
* Fixed various issues with use of emptyText configuration
* Added examples for new configuration options
* Minor documentation updates and refactoring
v1.1 - 27 Jul 2011
* Added createOnBlur option to create new records when forceSelection is false
* Added addValue and removeValue functions to allow for discrete programmatic management of values
Bug Fixes:
* Modified some ordering of value tracking to ensure the current values were available for select/change events
* Modified render processing for multiselect items to better manage the input dom element
* Updated field templates to be forward compatible with 4.0.5 (4.0.2a still supported)
* Added requirements statement for use by Ext.Loader
* Fixed user interaction when field is disabled or readOnly
* Added example showing some usages of value changing and event listening
* Minor documentation updates and refactoring
v1.0 - 20 Jul 2011
* Fixes to rendering of field validation
* Integration of features from kleins boxselect implementation
* Fixes to value management for remote stores
* Changes to value setting to allow for delimiter split strings of values, arrays of values, arrays of records,
and arrays of unknown values (for on-demand remote store loading when queryMode 'remote' and forceSelection true)
* Added keyboard based navigation
* Added support for forceSelection false for use-cases like entry of multiple email addresses with auto-suggest
* Added configuration option for collapsing the open list when multiSelect is true
* Added stacked rendering style option; added full examples page
* Added to github with github pages hosting of examples page
* Significant documentation updates and refactoring
v0.5 - 16 Jun 2011
* Added support for multiSelect false
* Added typeAhead support (not possible with ComboBox's multiSelect)
* Improved automatic field resizing
* Ensured compatibility with 4.0.2a and with the Ext.ux.form.field.ClearButton plugin
* Minor documentation updates and refactoring
v0.4 - 8 Jun 2011
* Styling updates for multi-selected item removal controls to match tab removal controls and improve rendering performance
* Remote queryMode support
* Addition of autosize event to indicate change in height similar to the textarea field
* Fixes to value tracking to ensure the change event is properly fired
* Minor documentation updates and reorganization of functions
v0.3 - 1 Jun 2011
* Change sizing of user input area to adjust dynamically with remaining width
* Fix various issues with display of emptyText
v0.2 - 27 May 2011
* Change to use default value setting if store is unfiltered
v0.1 - 25 May 2011
* Initial release
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