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Salt Authors
Whos Who in Salt
The Man With the Plan
Thomas S Hatch is the main developer of Salt. He is the founder, owner,
maintainer and lead of the Salt project, as well as author of the majority
of the Salt code and documentation.
Documentation System
The documentation system was put together by Seth House, much of the
documentation is being maintained by Seth
Aaron Bull Schaefer <>
Aaron Toponce <>
Antti Kaihola <>
archme <>
Brad Barden <>
Brian Wagner <>
Carlo Pires <>
Chris Scheller <>
Christer Edwards <>
Clint Savage <>
Corey Quinn <>
David Boucha <>
Doug Renn <>
Eivind Uggedal <> <>
Eric Poelke <>
Erik Nolte <>
Evan Borgstrom <>
Jed Glazner <>
Jeffrey C. Ollie <>
Jeff Schroeder <>
Jonas Buckner <>
Joseph Hall <>
Kent Tenney <>
Markus Gattol <>
Martin Schnabel <>
Matthew Printz <>
Matthias Teege <>
Maxim Burgerhout <>
Mitch Anderson <>
Nathaniel Whiteinge <>
Nigel Owen <>
Pedro Algarvio <>
Pierre Carrier <>
Seth House <>
Seth Vidal <>
Thomas Schreiber <>
Thomas S Hatch <>
Tor Hveem <>
Travis Cline <>
Wieland Hoffmann <>
Growing Community
Salt is a rapidly growing project with a large community, to view all
contributors please check ohloh, this file can sometimes be out of date:
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