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Twitch chat simulator using recurrent neural networks

Ever watched a twitch stream and wished you could get more of the chat spam, copypasta, and memes?

This code goes along with my post about language modeling using recurrent neural networks. The post puts a focus on data collection, sanitization, and formatting to move data from the Twitch IRC into a tensorflow-compatible format.

Live demo available on the post if you want to experiment with what the network thinks a typical Twitch user would say.

###How to run it

  1. Edit scrape.js to supply your own Twitch IRC Token and username. You can get the oauth token from Run node scrape.js to scrape messages from Twitch's IRC channels. Alternatively, you can also use the provided database.txt which I collected by running the scraper overnight for ~8 hours. Fill in the channels array with a list of streamers you want to scrape from.

  2. Run node topwords.js to format a vocabulary dictionary (words.json) that maps IDs to each word that appeared at least five times.

  3. Run python to join database.txt and words.json into a numpy array representing each sentence as a vector of word IDs.

  4. Run python to train the network using Tensorflow. I left it running for about ~3 hours on a GPU to get the model in the live demo.

  5. Use to sample messages from the model. creates a simple web API to retrieve samples.