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2018-12-30 v2.2.1
* NEW log TLS version for each access in log LEVEL 4
* NEW support MacOS/Homebrew
* NEW "zrt" counter on servstats page, 0-RTT aka Early Data in TLS 1.3
* NEW a logo/favicon for pixelserv-tls by @eclp on snbforum
* NEW save all cached certs to "CERT_PATH/prefetch" on signal SIGUSR1
* CHANGED save all cached certs on program shutdown (previously only top 3 quarters)
* CHANGED default "cert cache size", "-c" CLI option to 500 (previously 50)
* CHANGED default to URL redirection disabled
* CHANGED redefine '-R' CLI option to "enable URL redirection" (opposite of old definition)
* CHANGED reduce "HTTP keep-alive" time, "-O" CLI option to 120s (previously 300s)
* CHANGED improve accuraracy in average and maximum processing time, "avg" and "tmx"
* CHANGED improve browser compatibility for the servstats page
* CHANGED improve CORS compatibility in request responses
* CHANGED improve blocking of graphical ads during YouTube playback
* CHANGED improve overall stability and robustness
* CHANGED improve compatibility in linking static binary
* CHANGED combine "sst" and "ssh" into a single "ssh" counter
* CHANGED deprecate "sta," "stt" and "tmo" counters
* CHANGED deprecate '-o SELECT_TIMEOUT' CLI option
* CHANGED update to manpage
* FIXED a crash bug in log LEVEL >= 4
2018-10-9 v2.2.0
* NEW support TLS 1.3
* NEW support 0-RTT in TLS 1.3
* NEW TLS 1.3 requires OpenSSL version >= 1.1.1
* NEW TLS 1.3 support autodetected and enabled at compile time. No special configuration needed.
* NEW counters v13, v12, v10 - breakdown of slh & slc requests into TLS versions.
# of requests in TLS 1.3, TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.0 respectively.
* NEW indicator of TLS 1.3 support on servstats page.
`no_tls1_3` when compiled against OpenSSL <= v1.1.0.
`tls1_3` when compiled against OpenSSL >= 1.1.1
* NEW counter ucb - bad certificates as reported by clients.
* NEW counter ush - shutdown by clients after ServerHello.
* NEW log "shutdown after ServerHello" on LEVEL 2.
* NEW log "Handshake failed: socket i/o error" on LEVEL 2.
* NEW log "Handshake failed: reached max retries" on LEVEL 2.
* CHANGED enhance uniqueness of serial numbers for generated certificates.
* CHANGED much faster logging to syslog.
* CHANGED relax memory pool restriction for better multithread performance
* CHANGED increase number of retries in TLS handshakes.
* CHANGED improve accuracy in processing time of requests recovered from initially failed handshakes.
* FIXED various complaints from musl libc on Alpine Linux (contributed by JohnNilsson on Github; issue #16)
* FIXED clean up compile warnings seen on newer platforms
* FIXED replace deprecated OpenSSL APIs
2018-6-20 v2.1.2
* NEW support "--enable-static" for building static binary using GNU Autotools. (Issue #13)
* CHANGED move other TLS handshake errors from log LEVEL 5 to 2.
* FIXED missing client ip in logging TLS handshake errors in some situations.
2018-4-15 v2.1.1
* FIXED 404 error on /ca.crt
2018-4-12 v2.1.0
* NEW cache frequently used SSL certs in memory.
* NEW enable SSL session cache and resumptions.
* NEW prefetch SSL certs from disk on startup
* NEW save top 3/4 of mostly frequently used SSL certs to disk on exit.
* NEW counters `sct`, `sch`, `scm` and `scp` to register operations of caching SSL certs.
* NEW counters `sst`, `ssh`, `ssm` and `ssp` to register operations of cached sessions and resumptions.
* NEW option `-c` to specify cache size for SSL certs.
* NEW counters `uca` and `uce` to better classify TLS handshake failures
* NEW logging client ip and port and server name for `uca` and `uce` failures
* NEW URI `/ca.crt` to download and import users' Pixelserv CA on client devices.
* NEW crypto and disk benchmark for gauging performance of most timing sensitve routines in pixelserv-tls.
* NEW CLI option `-B` with optional argument to run crypto and disk benchmark.
* NEW preliminary support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
* NEW support TLSv1.0 for wider compatibility with old clients.
* NEW port for administration. Optional but when used, it faciliates setup of firewall rules to restrict access to 'administrative' URIs such as '/log=' and '/servstats'.
* NEW ARMv8 64-bit build target (aka aarch64) in Makefile-XC. Proven to work in ASUS RT-AC86U.
* NEW ability to run without CA cert. In this mode pixelserv-tls will act as SNI servers.
* CHANGED improvement in TLS handshake handling. Added retries for better chance of success from troubled clients.
* CHANGED reduced socket latency inside service threads.
* CHANGED default HTTP_KEEPALIVE to 5 mins for boosting chance of reusing service threads and HTTP/1.1 persistent connections.
* CHANGED default CERT_PATH to /var/cache/pixelserv for non-Entware builds.
* CHANGED `slu` description to "other TLS handshake errors." Possible causes such as clients without CA cert, mismatch in TLS protocol version or other parameters.
* CHANGED removal of fork() code. Now pthread only for multiprocessing.
* CHANGED added support for glibc < 2.17 and OpenSSL 1.0.1
* FIXED race condition between reading CA's private key and dropping root
* FIXED crash on non-FQDN hostname (#9)
2017-12-12 v2.0.1
* FIXED the 'stuck' issue
* FIXED three crash bugs (#7 & #8)
* FIXED incorrect logics of select() in the main event loop
* FIXED a memory leak on failure to create a service thread for HTTPS
* FIXED OpenSSL 1.1.x compatibility for Autotools (#6)
* CHANGED more efficient check for next request in a service thread
* CHANGED '-o SELECT_TIMEOUT' default to 10s
* NEW backtrace on crash
2017-11-28 v2.0.0
* NEW support for HTTP/1.1 persistent connections
* NEW hugely increased scalability on concurrent connections & reduced memory requirement
* NEW logging facility. Six levels of granularities. No more chopped messages in syslog.
* NEW support for HTTP POST method & logging POST content (with -l 4)
* NEW added option '-O keepalive_time' to specify idle timeout of persistent connections
* NEW added option '-T max_threads' to specify maximum allowed service threads
* NEW added option '-l level' to specify log level
* NEW added counters kcc, kmx, kvg, krq & clt related to persistent connections
* NEW added a MAN page as part of effort to bring pixelserv-tls more Linux
* NEW support for TCP Fast Open. Require Linux kernel >= 3.16.
* NEW support for GNU Autotools. Easier for native Linux systems to build and install.
* CHANGED default select_timeout to 1s
* CHANGED reviewed & updated log messages
* CHANGED descriptions of a few counters on servstats page
* CHANGED refactored SSL code & clean up connection handler
* CHANGED removed legacy from code repository
* CHANGED version naming scheme to MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO
* CHANGED enhanced ring buffer handling in certificate generations
* FIXED no matching cipher when servstats page is accessed using IP address
* FIXED measurement of POST processing time
* FIXED compilation failure on LEDGE due to missing TEMP_RETRY_FAILURE (thanks to a fix from laoshaw@github)
* FIXED crash when the CA certificate is not available on startup.
2017-9-18 version Kk
* Added support for HTTP OPTIONS method. (Issue reported by Popov on snbforums)
* Added experimental support for HSTS
* Added a new counter 'slc' that counts the number of clients who disconnect
without sending any data. It usually indicates clients not have ca.crt installed.
* Added new counter 'cly' - client disconnect before response sent
* Fixed certificates generated for erroneous domains under extreme load
* Fixed crashes when non-SNI requests are received [reported by Popov@snb]
* Fixed crashes when null requests are received while logging enabled
* Fixed delay in certificate generation
* Fixed potential duplication in certificate generation
* Fixed description of counter 'err' and 'cls'
2017-4-21 v35.HZ12.Kj
* Added support for using ECDHE ciphers to exchange keys if browsers request so.
Google Chrome starts to mark less secure ciphers such as RSA as obsolete.
Less secure ciphers will be depreciated in TLS v1.3.
* Added X509v3 Subject Alternative Name (SAN) extension to generated certificates.
Google Chrome starting with v58 mark certificates without SAN as invalid, enforcing
RFC 2818 specified in 2000!
2017-1-26 v35.HZ12.Ki-p1
* Fixed default behavior for missing -p and/or -k command line options.
With the change, -p or -k can be separately and optionally specified.
2016-9-3 v35.HZ12.Ki
* Added support for Intermediate CA certs. This enables pixelserv to take a root
CA cert or any intermediate CA cert on a trusted hierarchy to be the CA cert
for automatic certificate generation. Original issue reported by Popov. Thanks.
* Removal of arbitrary limitation on CA certificates' subject.
* Moved to pthread for all multiprocessing. fork() is still available as compile
option. Faster performance on serving client requests and generating certificates.
* New calculations for average length per request (avg) and average processing time
per request (tav). This is huge in a sense that the old methods basically break
down after serving the initial hundreds or maybe thousands of requests.
* New layout and explanatory notes on HTML stats page.
* 32-bit x86 build supported in 64-bit Linux environment. Verified and Makefile
contributed by Popov.
2016-3-13 v35.HZ12.Kh
* Added access log toggle through HTTP URL. This allows turning on/off access log
without restarting pixelserv-tls.
* Added result code of a processed request to access log - for diagnosis purpose.
2015-12-24 v35.HZ12.Kg
* Fixed serial number in generated certificates. This increases pixelserv compatibility
with Firefox. (Issue reported by nick8565. Thanks)
2015-11-10 v35.HZ12.Kf
* Set correct file permission for /tmp/pixelcerts - the pipe for sending certificate
generation request between "server" and "cert generator". Pixelserv can run as root
or non-root after this change.
* Changed HTML servstats further to be human readable.
* Fixed an issue where garbled HTML code logged in access log when pixelserv quits.
2015-10-30 v35.HZ12.Ke
* Added pthread support.
* Changed HTML servstats to be human readable. Text servstats remain unchanged and
parser friendly.
* Fixed memory leak in "cert generator".
2015-10-12 v35.HZ12.Kd
* Added automatic generation of certificates for https.
* Added four new stats:
slh (cert exists and used)
slm (cert missing for the ad domain)
sle (error in existing certs)
slu (none of the above)
2015-10-3 v35.HZ12.Kc
* First release of pixelserv-tls
* Added support for HTTPS connections
* Added access log.
* Cleaned up warnings on AMD64