@kvic-z kvic-z released this Sep 18, 2017 · 144 commits to master since this release

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Changes (since version Kj):

  • added support for HTTP OPTIONS method [issue reported by Popov@snb]
  • added experimental support for HSTS
  • added a new counter 'slc' that counts the number of clients who disconnect without sending any data. It usually indicates clients not have ca.crt installed.
  • added new counter 'cly' - client disconnect before response sent
  • fixed certificates generated for erroneous domains under extreme load
  • fixed crashes when non-SNI requests are received [reported by Popov@snb]
  • fixed crashes when null requests are received while logging enabled
  • fixed delay in certificate generation
  • fixed potential duplication in certificate generation
  • fixed description of counter 'err' and 'cls'