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Commits on Sep 2, 2010
  1. @KristianLyng

    README: Nitpick

    KristianLyng authored
    Make sure no-one reads "Read first-quality" as "Read: first-quality" or
  2. @KristianLyng

    md0_sync_speed: Cleanup++

    KristianLyng authored
    md0_sync_speed and md0_sync should probably be the same plugin.
  3. @KristianLyng
  4. @KristianLyng

    Initial commit of worthless plugins

    KristianLyng authored
    See README for a quick summary. I will be cleaning up and possibly removing
    some of these. The ones that are of real interest are: scsi_media_scan,
    vgs* and md0*. But they are not "production ready".
Commits on May 2, 2010
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