An implementation of MobileOrg for the Android platform
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Another implementation of MobileOrg client for Android

Originally based on MobileOrg, the source code is 90% new.

Available in Android Market

Project's page on Google+

Supported platforms: Android 1.6 - 4.0


  • New Dropbox library with new login screen (don't need to enter login/password if you have Dropbox app installed)
  • New parser, data is saved to SQLite DB but not to files
  • New outline viewer UI - you can collapse/expand outlines in same view and open outline in new window - long click or Space button
  • Colored outline viewer, similar to default emacs colors
  • Outline visibility cycling, like in emacs - collapse -> expand -> expand all
  • Support of plain lists with collapse/expand
  • Support of Android 3 and 4 with new Action Bar, application still remains backward compatible to Android 1.6
  • Support of Tablets, in landscape mode, screen transforms to two-pane, where you can browse your agenda/outlines in left pane and load outlines into right pane (like two-pane file managers)
  • Icons for all menu actions (special white icons for Android>=3.0)
  • Icon and sync progress in status bar
  • New capture/edit dialog
  • Support of add/edit/remove text and plain list entries of captured/existing outlines
  • Periodical sync, auto-send changes
  • Date/time and links parsing
  • New configurable and resizable widget to display set of outlines
  • Checkboxes in plain lists
  • PKI and symmetric encryption via APG (see org-crypt.el)
  • Bookmarks to outlines
  • Capture templates using bookmarks
  • Search
  • Integration with other apps (like Tasker) via Intents (sync for now)
  • Keyboard support (C - capture, S - sync, E - edit, Z - add text)


Main window Capture window Sync progress Search Widget preferences Outline widget Tablet

License remains same, GPLv2