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Passwordless-RethinkDBStore Travis

This module provides token storage for Passwordless, a node.js module for express that allows website authentication without password using verification through email or other means. Visit the project's website for more details.

Tokens are stored in a RethinkDB database and are hashed and salted using bcrypt by default. It is also possible to provide a different hashing library (see Initialization for an example).


First, install the module:

$ npm install passwordless-rethinkdbstore --save

Afterwards, follow the guide for Passwordless. A typical implementation may look like this:

var passwordless = require('passwordless');
var RethinkDBStore = require('passwordless-rethinkdbstore');

passwordless.init(new RethinkDBStore({host: '', port: 28015, db: 'main'}));

    function(tokenToSend, uidToSend, recipient, callback) {
        // Send out a token



new RethinkDBStore([options], [hashLib]);
  • [options]: (Object) Optional. This can include options of the node.js RethinkDB client as described in the docs.
  • [hashLib] (Object) Optional. This can be specified in order to provide a custom hashing library. This object takes two functions: hash(token, cb) and verify(token, hashedToken, cb). The following example uses the hashing library Argon2.
var argon2 = require('argon2');
var store = new RethinkDBStore([options], {
    hash: function(token, cb) {
            .then(function(salt) {
                argon2.hash(token, salt)
                .then(cb.bind(null, null))
    verify: function(token, hashedToken, cb) {
        argon2.verify(hashedToken, token)
            .then(function(match) {
                if (match) {
                    return cb(null, match);
                else {
                    return cb();

Hash and salt

As the tokens are equivalent to passwords (even though only for a limited time) they have to be protected in the same way. By default passwordless-rethinkdbstore uses bcrypt with automatically created random salts. To generate the salt 10 rounds are used. Alternatively, a custom hash and verify function can be specified (see Initialization), which should call the respective functions of some secure hashing library (e.g. Argon2, winner of the Password Hashing Competition 2015).


$ npm test


MIT License


River Grimm