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PLEX Export
Luke Lanchester <>
Plex Export allows you to produce an HTML page with information on the
media contained within your Plex library. This page can then be shared
publicly without requiring access to the original Plex server.
* Provides an overview of all media in each of your library sections
* Images are lazy loaded as you scroll down
* Live filtering within each section
* View additional item information on click
1. You must have PHP installed on your system for this to work
(PLEX Export does not have to be run on the system containing Plex
Media Server however)
2. In your preferred shell/terminal enter the following command:
php cli.php
If Plex Media Server is running on a different machine, specify
it's URL with the -plex-url parameter e.g.
php cli.php -plex-url=http://other-machine.local:32400
3. Upon completion your plex-data directory will now contain a .js
file and any related thumbnails. Access the index.html file in your
web browser and enjoy :)
* The website is designed for modern browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
* You may need to chmod cli.php to allow for executables
* Delete cli.php if you upload PLEX Export to any public location
Features: (or: things I'll try and add as and when I get time)
* Filter by genre, actors etc
* Sort by name, year, rating etc
* Pull in favourites from Plex
* More detailed TV Show popup (seasons, episodes etc)