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Emacs-like Sublime Modeline

Parse Emacs-like modelines, and set buffer-local settings for Sublime Text 2 and 3.


I highly recommend installing via Package Control.


Somewhere within the first five lines of a file, add a line matching the following:

-*- key: value; key2: value2 -*-


-*- syntax -*-

Besides the built in coding, indent-tabs-mode, mode and tab-width, any Sublime Text view setting can be set. You can find all of the possible settings in Prefences / Settings - Default. Prefix any of the sublime settings with st-, sublime-, sublime-text- or sublimetext-. For example, specifying st-trim_automatic_white_space: false disables automatic whitespace trimming.

The values for mode are the root filename of the .tmLanaguge file. Most of the time these are obvious and match the syntax name but not all the time. For example the 'Graphviz (DOT)' syntax is simply 'dot'. To find out the correct value you can run this command in the console (ctrl+`) when the syntax you want is in use:

# u'Packages/Graphviz/DOT.tmLanguage' -> 'DOT' is the mode value needed.

If you want to use the same mode line settings with an Emacs user you might need to set up mappings from the Emacs names to the Sublime syntax names. To do this look at the mode_mappings key in the settings file (which you can edit via the menu Preferences, Package Settings, Emacs Modelines). As an example this package ships with a mapping from "Bash" (emacs) to "Shell-Unix-Generic" (sublime).

If you want to preserve the default mode_mappings, you can also add your own to user_mode_mappings.


Sets the syntax to "lua", and adds rulers at location 39 and 80:

-- -*- mode: lua; sublime-rulers: [39, 80]; -*-



Created by Kenneth Vestergaard.

Patches contributed by Ash Berlin and Roy Ivy III.

Released under the MIT License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php