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// MovePaneController.h
// iTerm2
// Runs the show for moving a session into a split pane.
// Created by George Nachman on 8/26/11.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "SplitSelectionView.h"
@class PTYTab;
@class PTYSession;
@class SessionView;
@interface MovePaneController : NSObject <SplitSelectionViewDelegate> {
// The session being moved.
PTYSession *session_; // weak
BOOL dragFailed_;
BOOL didSplit_;
@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL dragFailed;
@property (nonatomic, assign) PTYSession *session;
+ (MovePaneController *)sharedInstance;
// Iniate click-to-move mode.
- (void)movePane:(PTYSession *)session;
- (void)exitMovePaneMode;
// Initiate dragging.
- (void)beginDrag:(PTYSession *)session;
- (BOOL)isMovingSession:(PTYSession *)s;
- (BOOL)dropInSession:(PTYSession *)dest
- (BOOL)dropTab:(PTYTab *)tab
inSession:(PTYSession *)dest
// Clears the session so that the normal drop handler (e.g., -[SessionView draggedImage:endedAt:operation:])
// doesn't do anything.
- (void)clearSession;
// Returns a retained session view. Add the session view to something useful and release it.
- (SessionView *)removeAndClearSession;
- (void)moveSessionToNewWindow:(PTYSession *)movingSession
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