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// -*- mode:objc -*-
** PTYTab.h
** Copyright (c) 2010
** Author: George Nachman
** Project: iTerm2
** Description: PTYTab abstracts the concept of a tab. This is
** attached to the tabview's identifier and is the owner of
** PTYSession.
** This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
** Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "WindowControllerInterface.h"
#import "PTYSplitView.h"
static const int MIN_SESSION_ROWS = 2;
static const int MIN_SESSION_COLUMNS = 2;
@class PTYSession;
@class PseudoTerminal;
@class FakeWindow;
@class SessionView;
@class TmuxController;
@class SolidColorView;
// This implements NSSplitViewDelegate but it was an informal protocol in 10.5. If 10.5 support
// is eventually dropped, change this to make it official.
@interface PTYTab : NSObject <NSSplitViewDelegate, PTYSplitViewDelegate> {
PTYSession* activeSession_;
// Owning tab view item
NSTabViewItem* tabViewItem_;
id<WindowControllerInterface> parentWindow_; // Parent controller. Always set. Equals one of realParent or fakeParent.
PseudoTerminal* realParentWindow_; // non-nil only if parent is PseudoTerminal*
FakeWindow* fakeParentWindow_; // non-nil only if parent is FakeWindow*
// The tab number that is observed by PSMTabBarControl.
int objectCount_;
// The icon to display in the tab. Observed by PSMTabBarControl.
NSImage* icon_;
// Whether the session is "busy". Observed by PSMTabBarControl.
BOOL isProcessing_;
// Does any session have new output?
BOOL newOutput_;
// The root view of this tab. May be a SolidColorView for tmux tabs or the
// same as root_ otherwise (the normal case).
NSView *tabView_; // weak
// If there is a flexible root view, this is set and is the tabview's view.
// Otherwise it is nil.
SolidColorView *flexibleView_;
// The root of a tree of split views whose leaves are SessionViews. The root is the view of the
// NSTabViewItem.
// NSTabView -> NSTabViewItem -> NSSplitView (root) -> ... -> SessionView -> PTYScrollView -> etc.
NSSplitView* root_;
// If non-nil, this session may not change size.
PTYSession* lockedSession_;
// The active pane is maximized, meaning there are other panes that are hidden.
BOOL isMaximized_;
NSMutableDictionary* idMap_; // maps saved session id to ptysession.
NSDictionary* savedArrangement_; // layout of splitters pre-maximize
NSSize savedSize_; // pre-maximize active session size.
// An array of view IDs that can be thought of as cyclic, ordered from least
// recently used to most recently, beginning at currentViewIndex_.
NSMutableArray* viewOrder_;
int currentViewIndex_;
// This is >0 if currently inside setActiveSessionPreservingViewOrder, and the
// view order should not be changed.
int preserveOrder_;
// If true, report that the tab's ideal size is its currentSize.
BOOL reportIdeal_;
// If this window is a tmux client, this is the window number defined by
// the tmux server. -1 if not a tmux client.
int tmuxWindow_;
// If positive, then a tmux-originated resize is in progress and splitter
// delegates won't interfere.
int tmuxOriginatedResizeInProgress_;
// The tmux controller used by all sessions in this tab.
TmuxController *tmuxController_;
// The last tmux parse tree
NSMutableDictionary *parseTree_;
// init/dealloc
- (id)initWithSession:(PTYSession*)session;
- (id)initWithRoot:(NSSplitView*)root;
- (void)dealloc;
- (void)setRoot:(NSSplitView *)newRoot;
- (NSRect)absoluteFrame;
- (PTYSession*)activeSession;
- (void)setActiveSessionPreservingViewOrder:(PTYSession*)session;
- (void)setActiveSession:(PTYSession*)session;
- (NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
- (void)setTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)theTabViewItem;
- (void)previousSession;
- (void)nextSession;
- (int)indexOfSessionView:(SessionView*)sessionView;
- (void)setLockedSession:(PTYSession*)lockedSession;
- (PTYSession*)activeSession;
- (id<WindowControllerInterface>)parentWindow;
- (PseudoTerminal*)realParentWindow;
- (void)setParentWindow:(PseudoTerminal*)theParent;
- (void)setFakeParentWindow:(FakeWindow*)theParent;
- (FakeWindow*)fakeWindow;
- (NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
- (void)setTabViewItem: (NSTabViewItem *)theTabViewItem;
- (void)setBell:(BOOL)flag;
- (void)nameOfSession:(PTYSession*)session didChangeTo:(NSString*)newName;
- (BOOL)isForegroundTab;
- (void)sessionInitiatedResize:(PTYSession*)session width:(int)width height:(int)height;
- (NSSize)sessionSizeForViewSize:(PTYSession *)aSession;
- (BOOL)fitSessionToCurrentViewSize:(PTYSession*)aSession;
+ (NSDictionary *)tmuxBookmark;
// Fit session views to scroll views.
// This is useful for a tmux tab where scrollviews sizes are not tightly coupled to the
// SessionView size because autoresizing is turned off. When something changes, such as
// toggling the pane title bars, it's necessary to grow or shrink session views for a
// tight fit. This should be followed by fitting the window to tabs.
- (void)recompact;
// Tab index.
- (int)number;
- (PTYSession *)sessionWithViewId:(int)viewId;
- (int)realObjectCount;
// These values are observed by PSMTTabBarControl:
// Tab number for display
- (int)objectCount;
- (void)setObjectCount:(int)value;
// Icon to display in tab
- (NSImage *)icon;
- (void)setIcon:(NSImage *)anIcon;
// Should show busy indicator in tab?
- (BOOL)isProcessing;
- (BOOL)realIsProcessing;
- (void)setIsProcessing:(BOOL)aFlag;
- (BOOL)isActiveSession;
- (BOOL)anySessionHasNewOutput;
// Returns true if another update may be needed later (so the timer should be scheduled).
- (BOOL)setLabelAttributes;
- (void)closeSession:(PTYSession*)session;
- (void)terminateAllSessions;
- (NSArray*)sessions;
- (NSArray *)windowPanes;
- (NSArray*)sessionViews;
- (BOOL)allSessionsExited;
- (void)setDvrInSession:(PTYSession*)newSession;
- (void)showLiveSession:(PTYSession*)liveSession inPlaceOf:(PTYSession*)replaySession;
- (BOOL)hasMultipleSessions;
- (NSSize)size;
- (void)setReportIdealSizeAsCurrent:(BOOL)v;
- (NSSize)currentSize;
- (NSSize)minSize;
- (void)setSize:(NSSize)newSize;
- (PTYSession*)sessionLeftOf:(PTYSession*)session;
- (PTYSession*)sessionRightOf:(PTYSession*)session;
- (PTYSession*)sessionAbove:(PTYSession*)session;
- (PTYSession*)sessionBelow:(PTYSession*)session;
- (BOOL)canSplitVertically:(BOOL)isVertical withSize:(NSSize)newSessionSize;
- (NSImage*)image:(BOOL)withSpaceForFrame;
- (bool)blur;
- (double)blurRadius;
- (void)recheckBlur;
- (NSSize)_minSessionSize:(SessionView*)sessionView;
- (NSSize)_sessionSize:(SessionView*)sessionView;
// Remove a dead session. This should be called from [session terminate] only.
- (void)removeSession:(PTYSession*)aSession;
// If the active session's parent splitview has:
// only one child: make its orientation vertical and add a new subview.
// more than one child and a vertical orientation: add a new subview and return it.
// more than one child and a horizontal orientation: add a new split subview with vertical orientation and add a sessionview subview to it and return that sessionview.
- (SessionView*)splitVertically:(BOOL)isVertical
- (NSSize)_recursiveMinSize:(NSSplitView*)node;
- (PTYSession*)_recursiveSessionAtPoint:(NSPoint)point relativeTo:(NSView*)node;
+ (void)drawArrangementPreview:(NSDictionary*)arrangement frame:(NSRect)frame;
+ (PTYTab *)openTabWithArrangement:(NSDictionary*)arrangement inTerminal:(PseudoTerminal*)term hasFlexibleView:(BOOL)hasFlexible;
- (void)updateFlexibleViewColors;
- (NSDictionary*)arrangement;
- (void)notifyWindowChanged;
- (BOOL)hasMaximizedPane;
- (void)maximize;
- (void)unmaximize;
// Does any session in this tab require prompt on close?
- (BOOL)promptOnClose;
// Anyone changing the number of sessions must call this after the sessions
// are "well formed".
- (void)numberOfSessionsDidChange;
- (BOOL)updatePaneTitles;
- (void)resizeViewsInViewHierarchy:(NSView *)view
forNewLayout:(NSMutableDictionary *)parseTree;
- (void)reloadTmuxLayout;
+ (PTYTab *)openTabWithTmuxLayout:(NSMutableDictionary *)parseTree
inTerminal:(PseudoTerminal *)term
tmuxController:(TmuxController *)tmuxController;
+ (void)setTmuxFont:(NSFont *)font
nafont:(NSFont *)nafont
// Size we should report to fit the current layout
- (NSSize)tmuxSize;
// Size we are given the current layout
- (NSSize)maxTmuxSize;
- (int)tmuxWindow;
- (BOOL)isTmuxTab;
- (void)setTmuxLayout:(NSMutableDictionary *)parseTree
tmuxController:(TmuxController *)tmuxController;
// Returns true if the tmux layout is too large for the window to accommodate.
- (BOOL)layoutIsTooLarge;
- (TmuxController *)tmuxController;
#pragma mark NSSplitView delegate methods
- (void)splitViewDidResizeSubviews:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// This is the implementation of splitViewDidResizeSubviews. The delegate method isn't called when
// views are added or adjusted, so we often have to call this ourselves.
- (void)_splitViewDidResizeSubviews:(NSSplitView*)splitView;
- (CGFloat)splitView:(NSSplitView *)splitView constrainSplitPosition:(CGFloat)proposedPosition ofSubviewAt:(NSInteger)dividerIndex;
- (void)_recursiveRemoveView:(NSView*)theView;
@interface PTYTab (Private)
- (void)_setLabelAttributesForDeadSession;
- (void)_setLabelAttributesForForegroundTab;
- (void)_setLabelAttributesForActiveBackgroundTab;
- (void)_setLabelAttributesForIdleBackgroundTabAtTime:(struct timeval)now;