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// -*- mode:objc -*-
** PTYTextView.h
** Copyright (c) 2002, 2003
** Author: Fabian, Ujwal S. Setlur
** Initial code by Kiichi Kusama
** Project: iTerm
** Description: NSTextView subclass. The view object for the VT100 screen.
** This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
** Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "iTerm.h"
#import "ScreenChar.h"
#import "PreferencePanel.h"
#import "Trouter.h"
#import "LineBuffer.h"
#import "PointerController.h"
#include <sys/time.h>
#define MARGIN 5
#define VMARGIN 2
#define COLOR_KEY_SIZE 4
@class VT100Screen;
// Amount of time to highlight the cursor after beginFindCursor:YES
static const double kFindCursorHoldTime = 1;
enum {
// A collection of data about a font.
struct PTYFontInfo {
NSFont* font; // Toll-free bridged to CTFontRef
// Metrics
double baselineOffset;
struct PTYFontInfo* boldVersion; // may be NULL
typedef struct PTYFontInfo PTYFontInfo;
@interface FindCursorView : NSView {
NSPoint cursor;
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSPoint cursor;
@interface PTYTextView : NSView <NSTextInput, PointerControllerDelegate>
// This is a flag to let us know whether we are handling this
// particular drag and drop operation. We are using it because
// the prepareDragOperation and performDragOperation of the
// parent NSTextView class return "YES" even if the parent
// cannot handle the drag type. To make matters worse, the
// concludeDragOperation does not have any return value.
// This all results in the inability to test whether the
// parent could handle the drag type properly. Is this a Cocoa
// implementation bug?
// Fortunately, the draggingEntered and draggingUpdated methods
// seem to return a real status, based on which we can set this flag.
BOOL extendedDragNDrop;
// anti-alias flags
BOOL asciiAntiAlias;
BOOL nonasciiAntiAlias;
// option to not render in bold
BOOL useBoldFont;
// Option to draw bold text as brighter colors.
BOOL useBrightBold;
// NSTextInput support
NSDictionary *markedTextAttributes;
NSAttributedString *markedText;
BOOL colorInvertedCursor;
// geometry
double lineHeight;
double lineWidth;
double charWidth;
double charWidthWithoutSpacing, charHeightWithoutSpacing;
double horizontalSpacing_;
double verticalSpacing_;
PTYFontInfo primaryFont;
PTYFontInfo secondaryFont;
NSColor* colorTable[256];
NSColor* defaultFGColor;
NSColor* defaultBGColor;
NSColor* defaultBoldColor;
NSColor* defaultCursorColor;
NSColor* selectionColor;
NSColor* selectedTextColor;
NSColor* cursorTextColor;
// transparency
double transparency;
double blend;
// data source
VT100Screen *dataSource;
id _delegate;
// selection goes from startX,startY to endX,endY. The end may be before or after the start.
// While the selection is being made (the mouse was clicked and is being dragged) the end
// position moves with the cursor.
int startX, startY, endX, endY;
int oldStartX, oldStartY, oldEndX, oldEndY;
char oldSelectMode;
BOOL mouseDown;
BOOL mouseDragged;
char selectMode;
BOOL mouseDownOnSelection;
NSEvent *mouseDownEvent;
//find support
int lastFindStartX, lastFindEndX;
// this includes all the lines since the beginning of time. It is stable.
long long absLastFindStartY, absLastFindEndY;
BOOL reportingMouseDown;
// blinking cursor
BOOL blinkingCursor;
BOOL showCursor;
BOOL blinkShow;
struct timeval lastBlink;
int oldCursorX, oldCursorY;
BOOL blinkAllowed_;
// trackingRect tab
NSTrackingArea *trackingArea;
BOOL keyIsARepeat;
// Is a find currently executing?
BOOL _findInProgress;
// Previous tracking rect to avoid expensive calls to addTrackingRect.
NSRect _trackingRect;
NSMutableDictionary* fallbackFonts;
// Maps a NSNumber int consisting of color index, alternate fg semantics
// flag, bold flag, and background flag to NSColor*s.
NSMutableDictionary* dimmedColorCache_;
// Dimmed background color with alpha.
NSColor *cachedBackgroundColor_;
double cachedBackgroundColorAlpha_; // cached alpha value (comparable to another double)
// Previuos contrasting color returned
NSColor *memoizedContrastingColor_;
double memoizedMainRGB_[4]; // rgba for "main" color memoized.
double memoizedOtherRGB_[3]; // rgb for "other" color memoized.
// Indicates if a selection that scrolls the window is in progress.
// Negative value: scroll up.
// Positive value: scroll down.
// Zero: don't scroll.
int selectionScrollDirection;
NSTimeInterval lastSelectionScroll;
// Scrolls view when you drag a selection to top or bottom of view.
NSTimer* selectionScrollTimer;
double prevScrollDelay;
int scrollingX;
int scrollingY;
NSPoint scrollingLocation;
// This gives the number of lines added to the bottom of the frame that do
// not correspond to a line in the dataSource. They are used solely for
// IME text.
int imeOffset;
// Last position that accessibility was read up to.
int accX;
int accY;
BOOL advancedFontRendering;
double strokeThickness;
double minimumContrast_;
BOOL changedSinceLastExpose_;
double dimmingAmount_;
// The string last searched for.
NSString* findString_;
// The set of SearchResult objects for which matches have been found.
NSMutableArray* findResults_;
// The next offset into findResults_ where values from findResults_ should
// be added to the map.
int nextOffset_;
// True if a result has been highlighted & scrolled to.
BOOL foundResult_;
// Maps an absolute line number (NSNumber longlong) to an NSData bit array
// with one bit per cell indicating whether that cell is a match.
NSMutableDictionary* resultMap_;
// True if the last search was forward, flase if backward.
BOOL searchingForward_;
// Offset value for last search.
int findOffset_;
// True if trying to find a result before/after current selection to
// highlight.
BOOL searchingForNextResult_;
// True if the last search was case insensitive.
BOOL findIgnoreCase_;
// True if the last search was for a regex.
BOOL findRegex_;
// Time that the flashing bell's alpha value was last adjusted.
NSDate* lastFlashUpdate_;
// Alpha value of flashing bell graphic.
double flashing_;
enum {
FlashBell, FlashWrapToTop, FlashWrapToBottom
} flashImage_;
ITermCursorType cursorType_;
// Works around an apparent OS bug where we get drag events without a mousedown.
BOOL dragOk_;
// Semantic history controller
Trouter* trouter;
// Flag to make sure a Trouter drag check is only one once per drag
BOOL trouterDragged;
// Array of (line number, pwd) arrays, sorted by line number. Line numbers are absolute.
NSMutableArray *workingDirectoryAtLines;
// Saves the monotonically increasing event number of a first-mouse click, which disallows
// selection.
int firstMouseEventNumber_;
// For accessibility. This is a giant string with the entire scrollback buffer plus screen concatenated with newlines for hard eol's.
NSMutableString* allText_;
// For accessibility. This is the indices at which newlines occur in allText_, ignoring multi-char compositing characters.
NSMutableArray* lineBreakIndexOffsets_;
// For accessibility. This is the actual indices at which newlines occcur in allText_.
NSMutableArray* lineBreakCharOffsets_;
// Brightness of background color
double backgroundBrightness_;
// Dim everything but the default background color.
BOOL dimOnlyText_;
// For find-cursor animation
NSWindow *findCursorWindow_;
FindCursorView *findCursorView_;
NSTimer *findCursorTeardownTimer_;
NSTimer *findCursorBlinkTimer_;
BOOL autoHideFindCursor_;
NSPoint imeCursorLastPos_;
// Number of fingers currently down (only valid if three finger click
// emulates middle button)
int numTouches_;
// If true, ignore the next mouse up because it's due to a three finger
// mouseDown.
BOOL mouseDownIsThreeFingerClick_;
// Is the mouse inside our view?
BOOL mouseInRect_;
// Time the selection last changed at or 0 if there's no selection.
NSTimeInterval selectionTime_;
// Dictionaries with a regex and a priority.
NSArray *smartSelectionRules_;
// Show a background indicator when in broadcast input mode
BOOL useBackgroundIndicator_;
// Find context just after initialization.
FindContext initialFindContext_;
PointerController *pointer_;
NSCursor *cursor_;
+ (NSCursor *)textViewCursor;
+ (NSSize)charSizeForFont:(NSFont*)aFont horizontalSpacing:(double)hspace verticalSpacing:(double)vspace;
- (id)initWithFrame:(NSRect)aRect;
- (void)dealloc;
- (BOOL)becomeFirstResponder;
- (BOOL)resignFirstResponder;
- (BOOL)isFlipped;
- (BOOL)isOpaque;
- (BOOL)getAndResetChangedSinceLastExpose;
- (BOOL)shouldDrawInsertionPoint;
- (void)drawRect:(NSRect)rect;
- (void)drawRect:(NSRect)rect to:(NSPoint*)toOrigin;
- (void)keyDown:(NSEvent *)event;
- (BOOL)keyIsARepeat;
- (void)updateCursor:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)swipeWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)mouseExited:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)mouseEntered:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)event;
- (BOOL)mouseDownImpl:(NSEvent*)event;
- (void)mouseUp:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)mouseDragged:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)otherMouseDown: (NSEvent *) event;
- (void)otherMouseUp:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)otherMouseDragged:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)rightMouseDown:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)rightMouseUp:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)rightMouseDragged:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)scrollWheel:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)pasteFromClipboardWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)pasteFromSelectionWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)openTargetWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)openTargetInBackgroundWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)smartSelectWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)smartSelectIgnoringNewlinesWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)openContextMenuWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)nextTabWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)previousTabWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)nextWindowWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)previousWindowWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)movePaneWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)sendEscapeSequence:(NSString *)text withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)sendHexCode:(NSString *)codes withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)sendText:(NSString *)text withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)selectPaneLeftWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)selectPaneRightWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)selectPaneAboveWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)selectPaneBelowWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)newWindowWithProfile:(NSString *)guid withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)newWindowWithProfile:(NSString *)guid withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)newTabWithProfile:(NSString *)guid withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)newVerticalSplitWithProfile:(NSString *)guid withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)newHorizontalSplitWithProfile:(NSString *)guid withEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)selectNextPaneWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)selectPreviousPaneWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void)placeCursorOnCurrentLineWithEvent:(NSEvent *)event;
- (NSString *)contentFromX:(int)startx
- (NSString*)contentInBoxFromX:(int)startx Y:(int)starty ToX:(int)nonInclusiveEndx Y:(int)endy pad: (BOOL) pad;
- (NSString *)selectedText;
- (NSString *)selectedTextWithPad: (BOOL) pad;
- (NSString *)content;
- (void)copy:(id)sender;
- (void)paste:(id)sender;
- (void)pasteSelection:(id)sender;
- (BOOL)validateMenuItem:(NSMenuItem *)item;
- (void)changeFont:(id)sender;
- (NSMenu *)menuForEvent:(NSEvent *)theEvent;
- (void)browse:(id)sender;
- (void)searchInBrowser:(id)sender;
- (void)mail:(id)sender;
- (NSTimeInterval)selectionTime;
// Cause the next find to start at the top/bottom of the buffer
- (void)resetFindCursor;
- (BOOL)growSelectionLeft;
- (void)growSelectionRight;
- (void)setTrouterPrefs:(NSDictionary *)prefs;
- (void)setSmartSelectionRules:(NSArray *)rules;
//get/set methods
- (NSFont *)font;
- (NSFont *)nafont;
- (void)setFont:(NSFont*)aFont nafont:(NSFont *)naFont horizontalSpacing:(double)horizontalSpacing verticalSpacing:(double)verticalSpacing;
- (NSRect)scrollViewContentSize;
- (void)setAntiAlias:(BOOL)asciiAA nonAscii:(BOOL)nonAsciiAA;
- (BOOL)useBoldFont;
- (void)setUseBoldFont:(BOOL)boldFlag;
- (void)setUseBrightBold:(BOOL)flag;
- (BOOL)blinkingCursor;
- (void)setBlinkingCursor:(BOOL)bFlag;
- (void)setBlinkAllowed:(BOOL)value;
- (void)setCursorType:(ITermCursorType)value;
- (void)setDimOnlyText:(BOOL)value;
//color stuff
- (NSColor*)defaultFGColor;
- (NSColor*)defaultBGColor;
- (NSColor*)defaultBoldColor;
- (NSColor*)colorForCode:(int)theIndex alternateSemantics:(BOOL)alt bold:(BOOL)isBold isBackground:(BOOL)isBackground;
- (NSColor*)selectionColor;
- (NSColor*)defaultCursorColor;
- (NSColor*)selectedTextColor;
- (NSColor*)cursorTextColor;
- (void)setFGColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (void)setBGColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (void)setBoldColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (void)setColorTable:(int) theIndex color:(NSColor *) c;
- (void)setSelectionColor:(NSColor *)aColor;
- (void)setCursorColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (void)setSelectedTextColor:(NSColor *)aColor;
- (void)setCursorTextColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (int)selectionStartX;
- (int)selectionStartY;
- (int)selectionEndX;
- (int)selectionEndY;
- (void)setSelectionFromX:(int)fromX fromY:(int)fromY toX:(int)toX toY:(int)toY;
- (void)setRectangularSelection:(BOOL)isBox;
- (double)excess;
- (NSDictionary*)markedTextAttributes;
- (void)setMarkedTextAttributes:(NSDictionary*)attr;
- (id)dataSource;
- (void)setDataSource:(id)aDataSource;
- (id)delegate;
- (void)setDelegate:(id)delegate;
- (double)lineHeight;
- (void)setLineHeight:(double)aLineHeight;
- (double)charWidth;
- (void)setCharWidth:(double)width;
// Update the scroll position and schedule a redraw. Returns true if anything
// onscreen is blinking.
- (BOOL)refresh;
- (void)setFrameSize:(NSSize)aSize;
- (void)showCursor;
- (void)hideCursor;
// selection
- (IBAction)selectAll:(id)sender;
- (void)deselect;
// transparency
- (double)transparency;
- (double)blend;
- (void)setTransparency:(double)fVal;
- (void)setBlend:(double)blend;
- (BOOL)useTransparency;
- (void)setSmartCursorColor:(BOOL)value;
- (void)setMinimumContrast:(double)value;
// Dim all colors towards gray
- (void)setDimmingAmount:(double)value;
// Drag and Drop methods for our text view
- (unsigned int)draggingEntered: (id<NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
- (unsigned int)draggingUpdated: (id<NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
- (void)draggingExited: (id<NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
- (BOOL)prepareForDragOperation: (id<NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
- (BOOL)performDragOperation: (id<NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
- (void)concludeDragOperation: (id<NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
// Scrolling control
- (NSRect)adjustScroll:(NSRect)proposedVisibleRect;
- (void)scrollLineUp:(id)sender;
- (void)scrollLineDown:(id)sender;
- (void)scrollPageUp:(id)sender;
- (void)scrollPageDown:(id)sender;
- (void)scrollHome;
- (void)scrollEnd;
- (void)scrollToAbsoluteOffset:(long long)absOff height:(int)height;
- (void)scrollToSelection;
// Save method
- (void)saveDocumentAs:(id)sender;
- (void)print:(id)sender;
- (void)printContent:(NSString *)aString;
// Find method
- (BOOL)findString:(NSString*)aString
// Remove highlighted terms from previous search.
- (void)clearHighlights;
// NSTextInput
- (void)insertText:(id)aString;
- (void)setMarkedText:(id)aString selectedRange:(NSRange)selRange;
- (void)unmarkText;
- (BOOL)hasMarkedText;
- (NSRange)markedRange;
- (NSRange)selectedRange;
- (NSArray *)validAttributesForMarkedText;
- (NSAttributedString *)attributedSubstringFromRange:(NSRange)theRange;
- (void)doCommandBySelector:(SEL)aSelector;
- (unsigned int)characterIndexForPoint:(NSPoint)thePoint;
- (long)conversationIdentifier;
- (NSRect)firstRectForCharacterRange:(NSRange)theRange;
// service stuff
- (id)validRequestorForSendType:(NSString *)sendType returnType:(NSString *)returnType;
- (BOOL)writeSelectionToPasteboard:(NSPasteboard *)pboard types:(NSArray *)types;
- (BOOL)readSelectionFromPasteboard:(NSPasteboard *)pboard;
- (BOOL)findInProgress;
- (BOOL)continueFind;
- (double)horizontalSpacing;
- (double)verticalSpacing;
// This textview is about to become invisible because another tab is selected.
- (void)aboutToHide;
// Flash a graphic. See the enum for flashImage_.
- (void)beginFlash:(int)image;
- (void)drawFlippedBackground:(NSRect)bgRect toPoint:(NSPoint)dest;
- (void)drawBackground:(NSRect)bgRect;
- (void)drawBackground:(NSRect)bgRect toPoint:(NSPoint)dest;
- (long long)absoluteScrollPosition;
// Returns true if any character in the buffer is selected.
- (BOOL)isAnyCharSelected;
- (void)clearMatches;
- (void)placeFindCursorOnAutoHide;
- (BOOL)isFindingCursor;
- (void)beginFindCursor:(BOOL)hold;
- (void)endFindCursor;
- (void)movePane:(id)sender;
// Clear working directories for when buffer is cleared
- (void)clearWorkingDirectories;
- (NSString *)getWordForX:(int)x
startX:(int *)startx
startY:(int *)starty
endX:(int *)endx
endY:(int *)endy;
- (double)perceivedBrightness:(NSColor*)c;
- (void)drawOutlineInRect:(NSRect)rect topOnly:(BOOL)topOnly;
// Add a search result for highlighting in yellow.
- (void)addResultFromX:(int)resStartX absY:(long long)absStartY toX:(int)resEndX toAbsY:(long long)absEndY;
- (FindContext *)initialFindContext;
// private methods
@interface PTYTextView (Private)
// Types of characters. Used when classifying characters for word selection.
typedef enum {
CHARTYPE_WHITESPACE, // whitespace chars or NUL
CHARTYPE_WORDCHAR, // Any character considered part of a word, including user-defined chars.
CHARTYPE_DW_FILLER, // Double-width character effluvia.
CHARTYPE_OTHER, // Symbols, etc. Anything that doesn't fall into the other categories.
} PTYCharType;
- (void)modifyFont:(NSFont*)font baseline:(double)baseline info:(PTYFontInfo*)fontInfo;
- (void)releaseFontInfo:(PTYFontInfo*)fontInfo;
- (unsigned int) _checkForSupportedDragTypes:(id <NSDraggingInfo>) sender;
- (void) _scrollToLine:(int)line;
- (void)_useBackgroundIndicatorChanged:(NSNotification *)notification;
- (void)_scrollToCenterLine:(int)line;
- (BOOL)shouldSelectCharForWord:(unichar)ch
- (PTYCharType)classifyChar:(unichar)ch
- (NSString *)_getURLForX:(int)x y:(int)y;
// Returns true if any char in the line is blinking.
- (BOOL)_drawLine:(int)line AtY:(double)curY toPoint:(NSPoint*)toPoint;
- (void)_drawCursor;
- (void)_drawCursorTo:(NSPoint*)toOrigin;
- (void)_drawCharacter:(screen_char_t)screenChar
- (BOOL)_isBlankLine:(int)y;
- (void)_findUrlInString:(NSString *)aURLString andOpenInBackground:(BOOL)background;
- (void)_openSemanticHistoryForUrl:(NSString *)aURLString
atLine:(long long)line
prefix:(NSString *)prefix
suffix:(NSString *)suffix;
- (NSString *)wrappedStringAtX:(int)xi
// Snapshot working directory for Trouter
- (void)logWorkingDirectoryAtLine:(long long)line;
- (void)logWorkingDirectoryAtLine:(long long)line withDirectory:(NSString *)workingDirectory;
- (NSString *)getWorkingDirectoryAtLine:(long long)line;
- (BOOL)_findMatchingParenthesis:(NSString *)parenthesis withX:(int)X Y:(int)Y;
- (void)_dragText:(NSString *)aString forEvent:(NSEvent *)theEvent;
- (BOOL)_isCharSelectedInRow:(int)row col:(int)col checkOld:(BOOL)old;
- (void)_settingsChanged:(NSNotification *)notification;
- (void)_modifyFont:(NSFont*)font baseline:(double)baseline into:(PTYFontInfo*)fontInfo;
- (PTYFontInfo*)getFontForChar:(UniChar)ch
- (PTYFontInfo*)getOrAddFallbackFont:(NSFont*)font;
- (void)releaseAllFallbackFonts;
// Returns true if any onscreen text is blinking
- (BOOL)updateDirtyRects;
- (BOOL)isFutureTabSelectedAfterX:(int)x Y:(int)y;
- (BOOL)isTabFillerOrphanAtX:(int)x Y:(int)y;
- (void)moveSelectionEndpointToX:(int)x Y:(int)y locationInTextView:(NSPoint)locationInTextView;
// Compute the number of single-wdith character spans that the input method
// text takes up.
- (int)inputMethodEditorLength;
// Mark the entire input method editor text area as needing a redraw.
- (void)invalidateInputMethodEditorRect;
// Return the number of pixels tall to draw the cursor.
- (double)cursorHeight;
// Draw the contents of the input method editor beginning at some location,
// usually the cursor position.
// xStart, yStart: cell coordinates
// width, height: cell width, height of screen
// cursorHeight: cursor height in pixels
- (BOOL)drawInputMethodEditorTextAt:(int)xStart y:(int)yStart width:(int)width height:(int)height cursorHeight:(double)cursorHeight;
- (BOOL)_wasAnyCharSelected;
- (void)_deselectDirtySelectedText;
- (BOOL) _updateBlink;
// Returns true if any onscreen char is blinking.
- (BOOL)_markChangedSelectionAndBlinkDirty:(BOOL)redrawBlink width:(int)width;