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// ProfileModelWrapper.h
// iTerm
// Created by George Nachman on 1/9/12.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "ProfileModel.h"
#import "ProfileTableRow.h"
// This is an intermediate model that wraps ProfileModel and allows
// each BookmarkListView to have a different ordering of bookmarks.
// It represents bookmarks are ProfileTableRow objects which have a
// key-value coding and can be sorted by the columns relevant to
// BookmarkListView.
@interface ProfileModelWrapper : NSObject
ProfileModel* underlyingModel;
NSMutableArray* bookmarks;
NSMutableString* filter;
NSArray* sortDescriptors;
- (id)initWithModel:(ProfileModel*)model;
- (void)dealloc;
- (void)setSortDescriptors:(NSArray*)newSortDescriptors;
- (NSArray*)sortDescriptors;
// Cause the underlying model to have the visible bookmarks in the same order as
// they appear here. Only bookmarks matching the filter are pushed.
- (void)pushOrderToUnderlyingModel;
// Sort the local representation according to sort descriptors set with setSortDescriptors.
- (void)sort;
// These functions take the filter (set with setFilter) into account with respect to indices.
- (int)numberOfBookmarks;
- (ProfileTableRow*)profileTableRowAtIndex:(int)index;
- (Profile*)profileAtIndex:(int)index;
- (int)indexOfProfileWithGuid:(NSString*)guid;
- (void)moveBookmarkWithGuid:(NSString*)guid toIndex:(int)index;
- (ProfileModel*)underlyingModel;
// Copy bookmarks matchin the filter from the underlying model.
- (void)sync;
// Show only bookmarks matching a search query 'filter'.
- (void)setFilter:(NSString*)newFilter;